Winning The Open at The Royal Birkdale

Tomorrow, the golfing world will tune in to see some amazing golf. The Royal Birkdale is ready for the world’s best golfers and here at The Grateful Golfer, the pundits are split on who is going to win the third Major of 2017. I am confident with my choice, but I am a little surprised at the breakdown of where the pundits think the winner will hail from.

The weather forecast is poor of the next 5 days at the Royal Birkdale and this news will play havoc for most of the field. I would suggest that being from Europe, it will provide an intangible something that might help the Europeans navigate around the links with some degree of success. Having grown up in challenging windy and rainy conditions, Europeans should have a playing advantage.

I recently asked from which continent the winner of The Open will hail from and this is what you said:

The Europeans have garnered less than half of the vote and the only 12% of the vote was cast for players outside tje favorites, such as Australia and Asia. These numbers may seem a bit off, but who am I to contradict the masses. The winner of The Open, in my opinion, will come from Europe. Their ‘home-field’ advantage cannot be overlooked.

Of course, picking a winner for The Open is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, we all try to make that one in a million shot. This year, the respondents picked a North America or Europe player to win The Open. These are pretty safe bets, what do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

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4 thoughts on “Winning The Open at The Royal Birkdale

  1. Well it was closer to Open conditions out there today than I dreamed possible. At least in the rough. They aerated the greens about a week before judging by the look of it and between doing that and all the rain we’ve had in the area daily over the past few weeks, the rough was left to grow taller than I remember ever seeing it before. Not Open high, but high enough to lose a ball even standing right over it. Fortunately I only missed a couple of fairways and only by a little bit, but even the yellow balls I was playing were hard to find just the same even though I had a good look at where they landed. Getting them out wasn’t a huge issue though.

    My big problem today was my tee shots. I was hitting them into the clouds today and losing a ton of distance which made life a bit more difficult than I hoped. I’d say only two of them went out to my normal 280 with most barely reaching 220. But I kept my head in the game and played in scramble mode most of the day. I had one three putt that I gave myself a pass on (in my head not on the card) because of the aeration and ended with an 84. Not a score I will be bragging about for sure, but considering the conditions, and the fact that the course is over 400 yards longer than my home course, I won’t let it bother me. I know it was the driver that caused it and that irks me a little, but I seldom have that problem so I don’t want to let it get to me. I wish I knew how to fix it better when it happens, but as long as it’s not a frequent thing, I don’t think I should make changes over something that only rarely happens.

    All in all, it was a fun day with only one true down side. I missed the fairway on the first hole and when setting up for my approach shot, I must have been standing on a fire ant hill. My ankles are both covered in ant bites and itch like crazy tonight. Still, I’m happy I went there to play. Links style courses are a fun change of pace. I’ll try it again in a few weeks after their greens are back and see if I can get a better score out of the course.

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    • Kevin

      Sounds like the conditions were a bit tough. Wind is always challenging which always affects or tee shots. I find not hitting the ball well off the team makes for a tough round for sure. Not to mention the fire ant hazard! Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoy The Open this weekend.



  2. In honor of the Open, I’ve got myself a tee time at the only links style course I know about that’s semi close and I’m looking forward to the challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve played there. Unlike the Open, the weather here is supposed to be fine. And it’s a nice drive to boot. I have to cross the Sunshine Skyway which is a huge suspension bridge built to allow ships access to Tampa Bay. Should be a great way to start the Open for me this year.


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