The 2018 Masters Champion Is……

Let the predictions rain down like a monsoon! You name it, the odds makers are doing their thing and the “arm chair quarterbacks” are doing theirs! Today is a the craziest day of the Masters for just one thing…..predicting the champion. Of course, I do not want to left out of the fun so I am ready to jump on the roller coaster ride and let everyone know who (or at least who I think) will be all smiles as they don the green jacket! Continue reading

Building a Prediction For The Masters

As the crescendo of excitement builds, the more discerning golfer is building their choice for the next green jacket. This is a difficult process and depending on your point of view, will include many factors that can be measured and others…..well, not so much. Before I announce my choice as the next Masters Champion, I thought I would share my selection process because it will help you understand how I reached my decision. Continue reading

Can’t Stop Talking About Tiger Woods

This will be my last post on Tiger Woods for a bit. I realize this is a bit like Ground Hog day and as such will break the trend of not reporting about Woods after today. Because of his return to golf starts tomorrow, there is great speculation about how he will perform. The golfing world is buzzing with his return and expectations are his performance are sky rocketing. Unfortunately, most pundits have no idea and are making the call without any real basis for their decision. Continue reading

Winning The Open at The Royal Birkdale

Tomorrow, the golfing world will tune in to see some amazing golf. The Royal Birkdale is ready for the world’s best golfers and here at The Grateful Golfer, the pundits are split on who is going to win the third Major of 2017. I am confident with my choice, but I am a little surprised at the breakdown of where the pundits think the winner will hail from.

Continue reading