Can’t Stop Talking About Tiger Woods

This will be my last post on Tiger Woods for a bit. I realize this is a bit like Ground Hog day and as such will break the trend of not reporting about Woods after today. Because of his return to golf starts tomorrow, there is great speculation about how he will perform. The golfing world is buzzing with his return and expectations are his performance are sky rocketing. Unfortunately, most pundits have no idea and are making the call without any real basis for their decision.Professional golf is all about who is hot at the moment. Yes, the top players have slightly better odds to win, but at any given time, at any given location, no one really can predict who will win. We have our preferences and we play the odds, but it is a shot in the dark at best.

Look at last years Major winners:

  • Masters: Sergio Garcia
  • US Open: Brooks Koepka
  • The Open Championship: Jordan Spieth
  • PGA Championship: Justin Thomas

Some pundits did pick Jordan Spieth and maybe Justin Thomas, but Sergio and Brooks were not at the top of most lists. It is difficult to pick a winner and if you do, well congrats. So this is where Tiger Woods comes in

There is no question that Woods is a great golfer. One of the best ever! However, after another major surgery or not playing professional golf for 1 year, there is a better than not chance he will not finish in the top 10 (but this prediction is based on probability and gut feel). He might have a streaky 4 days, but will that be good enough to fault him to top of the leaderboard. It is very difficult to tell.

Regardless of how Woods’ finishes, he will be the talk of the Hero World Challenge. His swing will be dissected, his choices analysed, and depending on how well he plays, excuses will be made. In case you are wondering, here is a good video of what Tiger’s swing looked like over the years:

As I said earlier, I wish him well. However, all the after-the-fact pundits who will claim they “called it” next Monday will have gotten lucky. No one knows how things are going to go for Tiger, but I can say that many avid golfers will tune in to find out.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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