2020 Osprey Links Match Play Tournaments

I volunteered to be the chairperson of the 2020 Osprey Links Match Play Tournaments. Like last year, I offered to help lighten the administrative load of the awesome Osprey Links staff by spearheading the member’s only Stroke and Net Match Play events. The winner of each event receives a parking spot adjacent to the clubhouse. These coveted parking spots drew out 42 players last year and we are hoping for more this year!

Both events will follow the standard Match Play rules with a few minor exceptions. First, we will be following the social distancing rules as they apply to the golf course. Additionally, all COVID 19 local rules will be followed. There will be more to follow on these modifications to the local rules as the government outlines their intent.

Here are the basic details of the events:

  • Start: ?????????
  • End: When Final Match is Complete
  • 2 Events: Stoke Match Play and Net Match Play
  • Prize: A parking spot close to the Club House
  • Participants: Only open to members of Osprey Links Golf Course
  • Tournament Chair: Jim Burton
  • Rules Committee: Jim Burton and Jeff Rogerson

There is one major difference from this year’s Net Match Play tournament over last year. All participants must have an official Golf Canada / GAO handicap index. As Osprey Links, and most golf courses in Canada, adapt to the new World Handicap Index, it only makes sense to rely on the service in place by Golf Canada. Hence, the new pre-requisite to participate in this year’s Net Match Play Event.

Another minor change is that I will be also be hosting the draw on this golf blog: The Grateful Golfer. I figure since social distancing and the avoidance of multiple people touching the draw sheets is the current standard for social interaction, a virtual process would be the best solution. We shall see if all the participants feel that this is a better process.

The match play events are a highlight of the Osprey Links tournament calendar. It runs most of the season with the winners being announced in mid to end September. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has forced all golf courses to cancel or modify their tournaments, so Jeff Rogerson decided it was very important to try and maintain some semblance of normalcy by still running these events and fully support this decision. Hence, here I am the chairperson again.

I am looking forward to getting started golfing first and then running these events. The Match Play Tournaments are a highlight of Osprey Links. Due to the extraordinary circumstances that COVID 19 has created, these match play events are more important than ever!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “2020 Osprey Links Match Play Tournaments

  1. Jim, sounds like a great volunteer opportunity. Your course is lucky to have someone as organized as yourself who’s invested in the success of the tournaments and for enhancing the golfing experience of others.

    I hear you are opening on Saturday. Congrats and enjoy yourself! It’s going to be sunny and 85F here today. I’m playing hooky and heading out to my club in an hour or so!


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  2. As someone who develops data driven apps and websites, I like your idea to use a virtual solution. It makes the most sense in today’s environment. Good luck.

    You wouldn’t have guessed it from my first swing (a terrible 3 iron that barely went 160 yards), but I got in a really good round today. I shot 3 under in a mini gale. That is, if I count the 16th as a hole in one. And I did. I’ll explain.

    We talked recently about whether it’s proper to record scores when courses are creating unusual conditions. This is one of those times when the course has made it too easy by placing the holes 2 inches above ground level so you can’t drop a putt into the hole but have to count it as in if you just bounce off it. Hearing that, you might assume that I shouldn’t count the hole in one either. But this is one of those judgement calls you have to make when they choose that option for viral safety.

    I watched that ball travel to the hole and bounce off the hole. The wind was directly behind me and blowing around 30 mph according to the weather app on my phone. The hole is 149 yards so I decided to club down and hit a 9 iron. Get it up in the air and let the wind carry it the rest of the way. And it did that beautifully. I found the divot about 5 feet short of the hole. From the tee, I saw it land, roll up and hit the hole just left of center and bounce. It bounced only two inches. The bounce took it just left enogh that it was discernible from the tee box. There was simply no way that ball would not have fallen had the flag been in without an act of god. Even the flag was leading away from the hole in the breeze we had this morning.

    So this is an instance where I am sure in my mind, after watching it and then surveying the scene, that having the hole up made no difference and I’m counting it as my 2nd ace. But I won’t be recording my score. With the hole up, I can’t say honestly that every putt I “made” would have been in had the holes been set normally. And I certainly didn’t putt like they were set normally. I took advantage of the situation and putted much faster than normal. There is far less fear involved when putting to a raised hole after you’ve done it once or twice. Counting that 3 under in my handicap index would be a disservice to me.

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    • Kevin

      First, the hole in one definitely counts. A 2 inch bounce is minuscule. Congrats on your second hole in one!

      The score is funny, it is a judgement call for sure. There is no wrong answer here. We start tomorrow, so we shall see what happens. Only 9 holes are open because of the weather. Same as normal. Congrats again on your great round.

      Cheers Jim


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