My 2020 Golf Season Is Under Way!

The golf season has finally arrived! I will be golfing at Osprey Links today and I cannot overstate how excited I am to hit the links. The funny thing is that we have been waiting for the Ontario Government to give permission due to their COVID 19 restrictions, but in my area the weather is just now cooperating. So, it is unlikely we would have started much sooner anyway. Regardless, I am hitting the links today!

To prepare for this momentous day, I dug out my equipment, set up my golf bag and marked a dozen golf balls. This is normal routine and one I relish each season. This year I decided not to carry my new clubs at the start of my season. I am going to push my clubs for the foreseeable future. No reason for the change, just trying something new.

260 yards to the corner.

As per every year, I wonder which club to hit first off the first tee. Since my home course starts with par 5, the obvious choice will be a driver. Yet, there is water on the right side and we all know what happens when we are a bit rusty! Well, I will make that call at the time.

Others think that hitting the driver first is the best club, but not everyone agrees:

Our golf course has laid out limitations and rules about playing that are in line with the Ontario Government’s instructions. They really are nothing unexpected and as golfers adopt to the new normal, they will become second nature. I support the limitations and will definitely keep up the social distancing aspect of the restrictions. I believe that this, and washing my hands, are very important to #staysafe and to keep #flatteningthecurve.

With the start of golf season, all players are excited to hit the links. I want offer a suggestion to limit your expectations in the first month or so. I have talked to Jeff Rogerson, Directing Manager and General Manager, of Osprey Links and he, and his team, will do everything within their power to make our golfing experience as awesome as ever. However, they are under strict rules and regulations from the government on how they can operate at this time. So Grateful Golfers, I recommend we fully support our local golf course team by remaining calm and flexible as everyone adapts to the new normal of golf.

It is my opening day! I am thrilled to be hitting the links! I hope your season is starting or is started. Have an awesome weekend.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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