So Close And Yet So Far From A Par 4 Hole In One

I have heard stories about players driving the ball to the green on a par 4. I know Kevin, who plays in Florida has talked about such opportunities, but I have never driven the green on a par 4. I know of a friend who shot a hole in one about 20 years ago on a par 4, but I still find it difficult to comprehend….until now!

Well, I guess there are seven holes in one on par 4 in professional golf. Because I watched this video:

I guess hitting a hole in one on a par 4 is not as rare as I had thought. At least 7 recorded in the professional ranks and I am sure there are more than that from the local golf courses. With the number of strokes hit around world every day, I guess it only makes sense that the rarest of shots can happen.

Congratulations to all the players who accomplished this amazing feat. It now gives me something to aspire too as I continue my journey to be a scratch golfer. I can tell you one thing, I definitely be a grateful golfer if it every happens or even if I get close!

Have you ever witnessed a hole in one on a par 4 or even a hole in one?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “So Close And Yet So Far From A Par 4 Hole In One

  1. Jim, never saw one of these and have only hit the green on one legitimate par-4 in my life. It was a 323 yard hole playing downhill and I usually play it 3-iron/pitching wedge. But on this day we had a a heavy downwind. I reached for my driver and the ball ended up 10 feet past the flag. Back on the tee I couldn’t see how close it came, if it did. And yes, I drained the eagle. Now, every time through, I think about hitting driver but leave it in the bag as there is too much trouble around the green.

    Thanks for the memory!


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  2. For shots like these, it’s better to be lucky than good. And lets not forget mine was under Covid rules. That top movie would be counted as in like mine was playing here though mine didn’t bounce as far 😉 so I’m still not giving it up, but it’s ok by me if it’s thought of with an asterisk. 😂

    I played with someone new today here at the home course. He went back and forth from the blue tees to the white so I followed him. That gave me a couple chances at it today. I rolled right off the back with a 3 wood on one and the other landed and one hopped perfectly flag high, but I had pulled it left about 20 feet. I even missed the eagle putt. But I never cry about tap in birdies. I’m still struggling a little with the new stuff, but it’s working perfectly with my woods. That was my first swing using the swing change with the 3 wood and I was a little surprised to see it land just short and roll over and off. I was half expecting to be chipping on from 20 yards back in the throat. As it was, with no flags, we couldn’t tell where on the green to hit to and I had just missed the hole by maybe 3 feet max.

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    • Kevin

      Sounds like your changes are starting to work. It will still take a bit to be really comfortable. Moving up and back between tees is an option at our course as well. It is fun to do for sure. Have a great Saturday.

      Cheers Jim


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