How Successful Is Your Golf Game?

There is only one way to determine how successful your golf game and it is through introspection. Your self analysis is the only benchmark needed to determine if your game is up to par or not! If you are happy with shooting 95, then who are we to rain on your parade. Besides, it is your game and only you can determine the way ahead.

At The Grateful Golfer, I discuss, lament, muse, and fret about how to improve my game. I share these thoughts hoping that in some small way it will help you find your way to better golf scores.

Personally, I am always trying to gain a stoke advantage here or there. It is those strokes or two that can make the difference between a mid-70 round or shooting par. Before you think that I am forever in the state of flux, you have to understand that I generally work on about 5% of my game at any one time. That is right, I only focus on minor changes because that is the only way I can stay consist and use my foundation as a starting point incase my modifications to my game fail. I believe it is always important to have a juncture point in which to return to take another path.

As you move forward on your quest to improve your golf game. Remember that not all change is good and a reset button many need to be pushed. So, keeping this in mind, it is important to understand where you deviated in your game. I usually make a mental bookmark on where I need to return if I must. Regardless, I am the one who determines what is working and if to proceed forward to a new normal or return to the old path.

Improving our golf came can be complicated if we try to change too many things. But, no matter how you approach this process, only you will know if your have gained success or not. I use my average score over the course of 10 games to determine if my change is successful or not….but that is just me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “How Successful Is Your Golf Game?

  1. Jim, very salient points about introspection. It is very complicated. You certainly seem to have improved this year by grooving your pitching and ball striking early with DIY. Your index went down too, right? Gotta feel good about that.

    As for me, the positives: Index went from 5 to 4, GIRs were up 1.5/round, I added strength through weight training. Negatives, I got way too mechanical in October and slumped because of it, and my lack of flexibility seems more pronounced. If I had shut it down on Sept 30, I’d say, “success.” Right now I’m thinking it’s a mixed bag. As you mention, “complicated.”




    • Brian

      My index did drop from 4.6 to 3.4. It was a very good year for my game. I am hoping to garner the same success in 2021. The DIY driving net and chipping area definitely help and I look forward to using them again this year. I understand what your are saying about your challenges in mechanics. Sometimes our game takes a path we did not intend, but at least your are experienced enough to reset to a place you can move forward with success. You are right, golf is “complicated”.

      Cheers Jim

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