So Close And Yet So Far From A Par 4 Hole In One

I have heard stories about players driving the ball to the green on a par 4. I know Kevin, who plays in Florida has talked about such opportunities, but I have never driven the green on a par 4. I know of a friend who shot a hole in one about 20 years ago on a par 4, but I still find it difficult to comprehend….until now!

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The Thrill of Holing Out From the Fairway

Yesterday, my quest to ask an interesting question on my social media sites went crazy. I like to interact with other golfers and see what they think on a plethora of issues. Surprisingly, I received almost ten times the normal responses and as a result had a hard time responding to everyone. As the day unfolded, it became apparent that I found a topic that many are passion about; myself included.

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Witnessing an Albatross or a Hole-In-One

I have never witnessed an albatross in person. I have watched Louis O make one on TV, but I have never seen this elusive shot live. Obviously I have never made an Albatross, but I have made 3 holes in one. Either feat is amazing, but to witness both or more importantly make both is something that rarely happens in golf…..or does it?

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Sinking Your Shot From The Fairway

The euphoria of sinking a shot from the fairway is difficult to describe. The anticipation as the ball flies towards the target with a chance of going in the hole is awesome. Interestingly, before contact, I think every one of my shots is going in the hole, however it rarely happens. I hit the flag at least 3 or 4 times a year, but I rarely hit my ball in the hole outside of 20 yards. But apparently, others have had greater success. Continue reading