Witnessing an Albatross or a Hole-In-One

I have never witnessed an albatross in person. I have watched Louis O make one on TV, but I have never seen this elusive shot live. Obviously I have never made an Albatross, but I have made 3 holes in one. Either feat is amazing, but to witness both or more importantly make both is something that rarely happens in golf…..or does it?

Yesterday I asked a very important question about this topic and I have to say I was completely surprised by the responses. No way would I have guess so many players have witnessed both an albatross and a hole in one!

Picking the ball out of the hole at Osprey Links Golf Course. My third hole in one!

I understand that 2/3 of the respondents have witnessed a hole in one. That is not as rare as on might think, but 30% saying they witnessed both. I think over the years the closest I have seen anyone making an albatross was a few feet. And that was amazing!

I mean an albatross; 3 under on one hole. Talk about lowering your golf score in a hurry! It is an amazing feat that I have on my list of things to do. It is more elusive than a hole in one and is rarely achieved. Yet, 33% of the respondents have witnessed one. Amazing.

Golf offers the opportunity to witness things that most players only dream of. I fit that category, but I guess the real feat will be to shoot an albatross and hole in one on the same hole. I have heard about it, but never witnessed it either. As a matter a fact, a friend of mine, Dwayne, did it at Circle Pines Golf Course at Borden, Ontario about 20 years ago. I was amazing to hear the story.

Do you know how a player can shoot a hole in one and albatross on the same hole? Have you ever witnessed one?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Witnessing an Albatross or a Hole-In-One

  1. That would be holing out a par four from the tee box. Something I’ve not done though I’ve been close a few times. I haven’t made an albatross either. I thought I did once but it turned out that the ball was hiding under a ridge in the green right behind the hole. That was on the only par 6 hole I’ve ever played. An 800+ yard hole in lower central Florida that wraps around a lake. I was happy enough about a short putt for eagle. Actually, I was happy enough to be on the green at all in 3. I had tried to cut the corner around the lake with the second shot and failed to reach all the way across and had to hit the third shot from wet, hard packed sand. I don’t think that ball got higher than ten feet off the ground but it tracked straight at the flag and made it.


    • Kevin,

      That par 6 hole sounds fun. I have never played a hole greater that 600 yards. A few 590s and never reached in two. This year I hope to make at least 5 eagles. I have the opportunity on my current home course of Osprey Links, but I have to hit a great tee shot. It sets everything up! Thanks for sharing your story.

      Cheers Jim


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