Sinking Your Shot From The Fairway

The euphoria of sinking a shot from the fairway is difficult to describe. The anticipation as the ball flies towards the target with a chance of going in the hole is awesome. Interestingly, before contact, I think every one of my shots is going in the hole, however it rarely happens. I hit the flag at least 3 or 4 times a year, but I rarely hit my ball in the hole outside of 20 yards. But apparently, others have had greater success.

I find it interesting that the category that had the greatest response was over 151 yards. That is amazing. One of the respondents said he has two albatross and another jarred it from 212 yards. And finally, one person said they have a hole in one on a par 4. All these are fantastic shots and I only wish I had made one of them.

As for my exploits, I fit in 0 to 50 yards category. My longest hole out ever was from 44 yards. It was birdie and really nothing spectacular. I want to add something like it was out of tough lie, but it was from the fairway. I did chip in from within 10 yards at least 6 times this year. As exciting as the shots were, it does not really fit in the categories of distance.

In 2017, I hit the flag from 154 yards and my ball ended up in the trap. Finally, I hit the flag from about 175 yards and my ball stopped about 20 feet from the pin. In case you are wondering, I missed the putt and walked away with a par. Needless to say, being close is okay, but the disappointment of only hitting the pin is a downer.

Here is what the PGA considers their best hole outs in 2017:

Holing out from the fairway is a great way to lower my score, I just wish I was able to do it more often. It is really a thrill.

If you are wondering when holing out from the fairway starts, take a look at Issac Riches from Australia:

Have you ever hole out from the fairway?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

11 thoughts on “Sinking Your Shot From The Fairway

  1. Many years ago, I was playing with my brother (we were in our late teens or possibly 20 something, longggg time ago). We only had time for 9 holes. We got over to # 7, we both hit good drives. He was about 165 from the pin when he hit his 2nd shot to within just a few inches from the cup. He hadn’t won a hole yet that day (he didn’t play much and I don’t think he ever has beaten me); after hitting that shot close he turned and said “there, beat that A_ _ -hole!” I was about 150 out, I think I hit an 8 maybe 7 iron. My shot hit about 4 feet in front of the cup rolled up and fell in for a deuce (eagle) on the par 4. My brother turned around and said I’ll see you at the car. He headed to the parking lot and waited for me to finish my round. When I finished, I went to the car, got in and all he did was shake his head and call me an A_ _-hole again. I also believe that was the last holes of golf I ever played with my brother. I don’t think he ever played again. But it’s a great memory, which I have now shared with his kids.


  2. I’ve done it so many times I couldn’t begin to count them. Last year alone, I found the hole from 180 once (first time outside of pw range), 125 twice, from around 70-100 maybe 7 or 8 times I think with 4 of those on the same hole and those 4 are the only ones where I had no one to witness. I also had 2 from about 30-40 yards with one more that got stuck between the flag and the hole because the flag wasn’t put all the back way in and was leaning toward us. They gave that one to me even though the second my hand touched the flag the ball squirted out a foot instead of falling.

    My neighbor gets upset over it when he sees me do it. He’s hit the pin almost as often but not one has ever fallen though quite a few stopped while hanging over the hole over the years we’ve played.

    I’ve had your luck on occasion to. Hitting the pin on the fly has never helped me though I have had the ball at least slowed by the flag a couple of times. But one hop and in with or without a short roll is something I’ve come to see as just my occasional luck. And I do my best to keep it that way because it has never happened if the thought I might do it again even crossed my mind. It’s always been a surprise.

    I used to chip in often, but that hasn’t been the case this past year. I can remember 2 or 3, but I can also remember a time when it felt like I did it almost once a round. I don’t let that bother me though. I just figure I’m hitting more greens now so I don’t get as many chances.

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      • I wish I was a machine on the course. I think it’s important to remember that I get to play year round, and for the past couple of years multiple times per week. Plus I’ve probably averaged over 27 holes per outing. So, I’ve had a lot more chances to get lucky than most. Last year was certainly a banner year for me for hole outs, but I did play 2700+ holes. That’s a lot of chances.

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  3. My longest hole-out from the fairway was from 175 yards out on one of the longer par 4s on my home course. It was early February so I hit a 25 degree hybrid. From that position the surface of the green isn’t visible but I knew it was a good shot right on target. When I got to the green I loked everywhere, getting quite frustrated at not finding my ball until I looked in the hole! The bad bit – I was playing on my own so had no witnesses! Cheers, Rob.

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  4. Someone told me they witnessed Kirk Triplett hit six pins in one round during an exhibition. When you really stop and think about, it is an amazing feat to hit that little hole with that little golf ball from so far out. I’ve had a few hole outs, but it’s been a long time. You’ve inspired me to go get one next summer.

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