Lucky Shot or Just Plain Skill

With the amount of golf I play, the odds must be in my favour that I will hit a great shot from time to time. Additionally, I spent a fair bit of time practicing my short game with the intent of lowering my golf scores. I have successfully improved my short game, but I still need to stay focused on my goal of being even a better player. Fortunately, there was a shot during my last round that greatly increased my passion for staying the course!

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When Your Round Of Golf Comes Crashing Down!

As I watched Chesson Hadley putt off the green on the 17th hole at the Waste Management Pheonix Open, I fought the urge to crawl up in a ball, lay in the corner and babble endlessly about nothing. We have all had bad holes and I can certainly relate to Hadley’s unfortunate results of turning a potential eagle into a double bogey! Unfortunately for amateurs, our damage would be in the four or five over, not just a double bogey. Continue reading

The Best Part of Playing Golf

Well it is 02 June and my scores officially start to matter. I have one game under my belt and I can honestly say that I am not near early season form. I have really struggled this year and I am not sure exactly what the problem is…..YET!

Today was a typical round. This is how my round went.

  • 3 bogies
  • 4 pars
  • 2 bogies
  • 1 par
  • 2 bogies
  • 1 par
  • 1 double
  • 2 pars
  • 1 double
  • 1 birdie
  • for a grand total of 82!

I cannot seem to put a string of 6 or so pars together, I count of 2 or 3 birdies a round and I cannot stop shooting double bogies. I realize that…..wait, wait, wait.

Fixing a Swing

Change your thoughts, Change your world!

As Norman Vincent Peale said: Change your thoughts and you change your world!

Well, as a grateful golfer, I need to heed this statement. Golf is about having fun, interacting with like-minded people, and enjoying my surroundings. Although my round looks bad, I actually played better than my score would indicate.

The best part of playing golf is remembering the positive things from each round. Today, for instance, I played golf with 3 nice gentlemen. One was a usual partner, the other two were strangers until, through chance, we played golf together. I hit my driver well and the last hole provided plenty of hope for my next round.

The last hole on our course is a 463 yard par 5 that plays longer than it is measured. I hit my driver about 260 yards, but was left with about 225 to the green. I hit my three wood into the wind and my ball rolled up to about 20 feet from the pin. I was putting for eagle! My putt was perfectly on-line, all 4 of us thought it was dropping for sure, but unfortunately it lipped out to 2 inches and I was left with a tap in birdie.

Golf is an amazing game. No matter how I play, I can always focus on something positive and build on it for my next round. I am officially changing my thoughts and changing my world on the golf course!

What was the highlight of your last round of golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Just One Shot!

If you are going to play golf; play golf!

If you are going to play golf; play golf!

Just one great shot can change a round of golf.  The magical chip-in, 30 foot-putt, exceptional approach or a booming drive can turn a mediocre round into a fantastic round. On Sunday past, I was playing around of golf with the usual crowd.  As I hacked my way around the course, I felt as if this was the worst round of the year….and it had the makings to be!

After a smooth 47 front nine (47 front nine….I still have a hard time saying 47; anyway I digress) I decided to change the way I thought.  I focused on each shot and attempted to follow my new mantra of ‘less is more’.  Swing smooth and watch the ball go.  Well it worked quite well.  After three bogies, I walked up to the 15th tee and hit a flat shot.  Not to worry because it was a par 5.  My second shot was very good and I was 100 yards from the green.  This is one of my favorite distances so I was confident I could get it close. After a ‘less is more’ swing I watched the ball land softly on the green and roll in the cup for an eagle!  Yup, I could not believe it either.

The next three holes I was smooth and back in form.  I finished with 3 pars for a total score of 84.  Normally, I would not be very happy with an 84, but a 37 back was something I was quite happy with.  So, overall, I walked away happy.

The interesting aspect of that game was the last three holes.  After the excitement of an eagle, it was if I was back in the right frame of mind to play golf.  I was focused, read the greens well and displayed strong course management.  Thinking back on the round, I realized that during the first 14 holes I was thinking of everything but golf.

So my lesson of the week is live for the moment!  If I am going to play golf, play golf.  If I am going to concentrate on other things, go do the other things.  Golf is an amazing game, it continues to teach me important life lessons.  I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links.