The Best Part of Playing Golf

Well it is 02 June and my scores officially start to matter. I have one game under my belt and I can honestly say that I am not near early season form. I have really struggled this year and I am not sure exactly what the problem is…..YET!

Today was a typical round. This is how my round went.

  • 3 bogies
  • 4 pars
  • 2 bogies
  • 1 par
  • 2 bogies
  • 1 par
  • 1 double
  • 2 pars
  • 1 double
  • 1 birdie
  • for a grand total of 82!

I cannot seem to put a string of 6 or so pars together, I count of 2 or 3 birdies a round and I cannot stop shooting double bogies. I realize that…..wait, wait, wait.

Fixing a Swing

Change your thoughts, Change your world!

As Norman Vincent Peale said: Change your thoughts and you change your world!

Well, as a grateful golfer, I need to heed this statement. Golf is about having fun, interacting with like-minded people, and enjoying my surroundings. Although my round looks bad, I actually played better than my score would indicate.

The best part of playing golf is remembering the positive things from each round. Today, for instance, I played golf with 3 nice gentlemen. One was a usual partner, the other two were strangers until, through chance, we played golf together. I hit my driver well and the last hole provided plenty of hope for my next round.

The last hole on our course is a 463 yard par 5 that plays longer than it is measured. I hit my driver about 260 yards, but was left with about 225 to the green. I hit my three wood into the wind and my ball rolled up to about 20 feet from the pin. I was putting for eagle! My putt was perfectly on-line, all 4 of us thought it was dropping for sure, but unfortunately it lipped out to 2 inches and I was left with a tap in birdie.

Golf is an amazing game. No matter how I play, I can always focus on something positive and build on it for my next round. I am officially changing my thoughts and changing my world on the golf course!

What was the highlight of your last round of golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “The Best Part of Playing Golf

  1. I learn much from you and your insightful posts, Jim. I really believe attitude can translate to success. I just played earlier this week at Montebello, QC. It was the first round I ever played where I felt focused and relaxed over each shot. Playing as a single on a quiet, overcast and cool day helped but there’s much for me to learn from this. My GAF was certainly high. I sunk two putts on the back nine over 30 feet and like all other shots took a relaxed stroke at the ball and I guess the hole got in the way. Best part of golf? For me, it changes. One day it is challenging to score well, other days it is relaxing with friends and like this week, the solitude of an afternoon alone on a great piece of property. Thanks, Mike


  2. Jim,

    I would not be discouraged, and it doesn’t sound like you are, which is great. Scoring seems to be a tricky thing in golf. Sometimes it feels like we hit it great and shoot 80, and sometimes we scrape it around to a 74. With the combination of your skill and great attitude, the scores will come. I look forward to those updates!



    • Brian,

      Haha, you are right! This new math of adding everything up in my head is really tough. I removed one of the pars…..I was a little to optimistic. Thanks for keeping me straight!



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