Enjoying The Start Of Summer Golf

Golf in my area officially started just over a month ago. Since that joyous occasion, we have put up with COVID limitations and unpredictable weather. Well, with high 20° C weather expected all week, I can officially say that summer golf is finally here. Normally, this would not mean much to most players, but for me it is a turning point where I start to make my traditional changes to my game.

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Forgetting To Write A Golf Article

I am trying to keep myself busy during this challenging time by writing something everyday. I am well on the way, but yesterday life got in the way and I forgot to prepare an article for today. I noticed when I checked my email this morning and no notice of a published article appeared. I was shocked and well disappointed in myself, so here is what you get…..ramblings!

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Happy Easter in 2020!

As the sun peeks through the trees, I am reminded of all the awesome things in my life for which I am grateful! Today, like everyday, I will take the time to say thank you, practice gratitude and to cherish the many special things in my life.

This year, Easter is going to be especially difficult for people considering our current situation. However, Easter is a sign of hope for many and this year it is even more special than years past.

I wish everyone a fantastic day and hope you have the opportunity to e-connect with family and friends. I wish you all the very best and please stay safe.

Happy Easter!