Enjoying The Start Of Summer Golf

Golf in my area officially started just over a month ago. Since that joyous occasion, we have put up with COVID limitations and unpredictable weather. Well, with high 20° C weather expected all week, I can officially say that summer golf is finally here. Normally, this would not mean much to most players, but for me it is a turning point where I start to make my traditional changes to my game.

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Golf in Morning Has Its Challenges

I love early morning golf. I find everything about my morning rounds perfect, well most of the time. There are some challenges this time of year (Mid August) that affect my game, but over years of experience, I have found several fixes that are no fail. They are minor changes, but greatly enhance my overall playing enjoyment and helps keep my scores lower. I think they will help you as well.

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It is My Favourite Time of Day to Play Golf

There is no wrong time to play golf. As I sit every morning looking out into the cold darkness writing golf articles, I dream of the hitting the links. This is my favourite time to play. The freshness of getting up early in the morning is matched by the tranquility of the quiet on the course. It is really the best time to loop the course. When I first started playing early it was out of necessity, as most fathers will understand.

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The Best Time of Day to Play Golf

Despite what you may think, golfing at anytime of the day is awesome. However, I will admit that certain times that offer a more rewarding experience than others. This is purely subjective and who am I to tell you when is the best time for you. As for me, I have two times I enjoy the best and for different reasons. Continue reading

Playing Early Bird Golf

Early bird golf is great fun. It provides an opportunity to be one with nature, think about your game, and enjoy the awesome surroundings as the sun peaks over the trees. It is my favorite time of the day to play and is the worth effort to get up early. There is something else that many players overlook and should actually be part of their early bird routine if they get a chance. Continue reading