Fall Golf Is Upon Us

As the summer transitions to fall, I need to take steps to be prepared for the change in weather and course conditions. As it turns out for the next two weeks, we are going to experience an average daily temperature of 18° C (65° F). This means lots of dew in the morning, less carry because it is cooler, and less touch when chipping because my ball will be harder. Fear not, I am used to this time of year and have a fail proof plan!

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Heading To The Course Today For Some Fun!

It has been almost a week since I hit the links. Life has prevented me from teeing it up and that is OK. I knew this time in my season was coming and as such, am prepared for hitting the links less for the rest of the year. It is all good and has nothing to do with my health. Anyway, I have carved out some time today to hit the links and it is going to be fun.

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Adjusting to a Different Ball

As I mentioned yesterday, I have switched to my fall ball: the Wilson 50. It is a ‘no-brainer’ to make the move, but there is always a period of adjustment. It is not anything critical, but it something I must be aware of during the transition. Primarily, the greatest adjustment occurs in my short game. It takes about 15 minutes on the practice area to make the change and it is worth every second that I practice. Continue reading

Toronto Golf Show -The Kit Highlight

One of the interesting aspects of our trip to the Toronto Golf Show was the abundance of demo equipment. The usual big names were there and very busy all day. We waited for opportunities to hit the clubs and for the most part we were not disappointed.

Hitting new drivers and irons is always fun. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to hit them all. It is my experience that during demo days hitting into nets everything comes down to feel. How the ball feels off the club is the primary benchmark if I like a club or not. Continue reading