Switching to My Fall Ball

It is that time of year, were I put away my Pro Vs, Forte, and Callaway golf balls for something with less compression. Before you start to scratch your head and question my mental state, I based my decision on experience and facts. it is something I do every year and it does pay dividends.

As the temperature remains cool throughout my round, my usual golf balls do not respond quite as well as normal and as a result I lose a great deal of feel when hitting the ball. By hitting a higher compression ball in the cooler temperatures, contact feels like hitting a rock and the vibrations work through my hands into my elbows and shoulders. Repeated contact with a “rock” eventually hurts my hands and that causes a number of issues with my swing that I can avoid by switching balls.

If you want more info on how the temperature effects  a golf ball, check out my article: Golf Balls and Cold Temperatures.

I searched and searched to find the perfect ball for my game. I tried many different makes, construction, and brands. And it took until last year until I found the ball that fit my game the best.  If you are wondering, I did use this infographic:

I guess, I should do the big reveal! I switched to the Wilson 50. The Wilson 50 is a 2 piece ball designed for distance and feel. It has an ionomer cover, 50 compression and has a seamless 302 dimple pattern. More specs can be found here. I find that in cooler temperatures, the Wilson 50 best apes my other balls. If you want to read more on my review, it can be found here.

The ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say. What is the point of making the change if it makes no difference in my game. After the switch, I shot a smooth 74 from the whites. I found the ball reacted extremely well to contact and rolled well on the green. The sounds of contact were the same as during hot days. More importantly, I did not notice any difference in feel. Of course, I am not blind to the fact that a 2 piece ball does generate the same spin as a 3 or 4 piece ball, but I did adjust my game to this fact.

So there you have it, I have made the ball transition and my game is none the worse for it. I will use the Wilson 50 for the rest of this season and the start of the next. As the cooler temperatures prevail, the Wilson 50 will be in my bag.

Do you switch golf balls in the cooler temperatures? If you do, what ball to you switch too?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

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