Fall Golf Is Upon Us

As the summer transitions to fall, I need to take steps to be prepared for the change in weather and course conditions. As it turns out for the next two weeks, we are going to experience an average daily temperature of 18° C (65° F). This means lots of dew in the morning, less carry because it is cooler, and less touch when chipping because my ball will be harder. Fear not, I am used to this time of year and have a fail proof plan!

My plan is very straight forward; golf balls react differently in the cold. So on the cooler days I will switch my Pro V1 for a Wilson 50. This is a lower compression ball and I find that I am able to play this ball with very little loss touch with all my clubs. I play this ball in the spring and fall and now is the time to change.

14 Oct 2018 – Last round of golf for the year. Layers were definitely needed.

Carry several layers of clothing in my car a.k.a. portable golf locker. I carry a long sleeved under garment, a warm outer garment, golf mittens, toque, and extra socks. I likely will not need all of these layers for a few more weeks yet, but one can not be too careful.

Start to adjust our tee times a bit later in the morning. Starting between 7 and 7:30 am is a bit early and colder than I like. In a couple of weeks my group and I will shift our tee times an hour to the right. This hour will make a great difference in our comfort to play in slight warmer and dryer conditions.

Lastly, I will take my shoes out of the car at the end of each round. I will dry them out on the porch or in the house. Sitting in the car when the temperature drops is not conducive to them fully drying before I need them again. I realize this sounds like a no-brainer, but it is all important.

Fall golf is upon us and I need to be ready. I always prepare about this time each year. Because the temperatures are a bit cooler this year, my preparation will start just a bit earlier. The whole idea is to still perform well in the colder conditions and this is how I prepare.

Do you make any changes as the temperature shifts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Fall Golf Is Upon Us

  1. Hi Jim,
    Spring is just around the corner for us, so have been checking my hoard of shorts. The warmer temps can not come soon enough for me. I have great trouble swinging the golf club when dressed up in all that winter clothing. Some people would say my swing does not look too good even in the summer. I can live with that, as long as I hit the ball straight down the fairway off the tee.

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  2. Jim, my biggest adjustment is mental. Need to adjust for the added length of the approach shots. Last year, it was warm enough that we played straight through the winter which was great for my game. I came out in good form for my February Ryder Cup trip to Myrtle Beach. Hoping for the same mild conditions this year.

    That pic of you in 2018 looks more like you are ready for skiing than golf. How can you swing with that jacket on???


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