Opening My Mind To All Possibilities To Lower My Golf Score

The ultimate goal of every golfer is to continuously shoot low golf scores. It makes sense because we would not keep score otherwise. To achieve the milestone of best round ever, I need to ensure that I am ready to accept the possibilities to improve my game. It is not really a challenge to try, but it is a challenge to accept the results when it flies in the face of the golf path your are travelling. Most of our physical changes require a change in mindset to be successful and this part of the process always seems to take the most time.

This is as true today as in Abraham Lincoln’s time.

As many readers know, I am constantly striving to be a better player. Sometimes I deviate from the proper golf path, but usually come back on the straight and narrow. Regardless of my path, I always try to be the best I can on that day. To make this happen, I changed my mental approach to playing well. I found this graphic and it explains how I changed my approach to my golf game.


I believe in the approach of being grateful when I play golf and as such, using a growth mindset approach really helps me improve my game.

Adjusting my golf mindset was not as easy as turning on a switch. I do remember coming to a point in my game where something had to change. I had plateaued and was shooting most of my games in the low 80s. I realized that my physical game was being limited by my mental thoughts. I know this because I would immediately disregard any suggestions from better players by convincing myself I did not have the skill to play well. I was stuck in a golf rut!

My first steps towards improving mental game was to accept help from my mentor Bob Fortune. His one piece of advice that changed my golf path to lower golf scores was to ‘always commit to whatever shot I was making’. It made no difference what club I was using, I had to hit every shot like it I was going to make the perfect shot. His advice took quite a few rounds to sink in, but once it did I realized that I had to physical skill to play better because I mentally accepted original premise.

Once I started moving towards lower golf scores, I accepted that there was different ways to play any golf shot. I sought out better ways to make golf shots that fit my game. With those success, I believed even more in my ability to change. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, I am accepting of just about anything. Of course, I do have some physical limitations due to nature, but I no longer think I cannot play better. It might seem like a catch 22, but in reality it is my path to lower golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Opening My Mind To All Possibilities To Lower My Golf Score

  1. More distance has always been the holy grail to better scores. I remember times I joined my dad on the course. My dad and his friends always warmed up with a few swings before teeing off and back then, they used a circular weight they just slid down the shaft to rest on the head. I don’t know what ever happened to that practice. And I don’t know if those weights are still sold. But that was a sound idea. But instead of just a few swings before teeing off, maybe some nightly backyard practice swings with added weight on the club would lead to some consistently longer drives.

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