Attitude Is Everything When Playing Golf

The Grateful Attitude!

I realize I have said this a thousand times at The Grateful Golfer; but something happened the other day that I just had to share. It reinforced my view that attitude is key to shooting low golf scores. If you read my previous posts, I broke par for the first time this year. It was a marvelous game and something that was noteworthy for my 2020 golf season.

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Pondering About My Golf Day

Every morning I rise early from my slumber and slowly amble towards the kitchen. I prepare the coffee, have a small snack, and set up my computer to check the news (not just golf stuff) and of course the weather. This time of year offers some unique challenges to playing golf and each morning I like to think about my golf game and of course the activities I will do before or afterwards. It is a solid routine that allows me to wake up slowly and develop a plan to accomplish something during my waking hours.

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Opening My Mind To All Possibilities To Lower My Golf Score

The ultimate goal of every golfer is to continuously shoot low golf scores. It makes sense because we would not keep score otherwise. To achieve the milestone of best round ever, I need to ensure that I am ready to accept the possibilities to improve my game. It is not really a challenge to try, but it is a challenge to accept the results when it flies in the face of the golf path your are travelling. Most of our physical changes require a change in mindset to be successful and this part of the process always seems to take the most time.

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The Golf Mutter!

You are playing a course that is kicking your butt. It is long and challenges your every shot. The rough is crazy thick and the greens are so fast that it is like putting on your kitchen table. Wait this sounds exactly like Oakmont! However, that is a different conversation!

When playing the tough courses our mind shifts from focusing on the positive to hoping we don’t make any large numbers! The round slowly starts to erode our confidence and our winning mindset becomes a damage control approach to golf. And this is when the golf mutter starts!
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2014 Was a Grateful Year!

2014 was a fantastic year for golf. As the year progressed, I was fortunate to expand my golfing friends through social media. By taking a step into the 21st century, I was introduced to a whole new world of golfing enthusiasts who share the same affliction for this wonderful sport.

2014 marked some milestones for The Grateful Golfer. I was able to lower my handicap to its lowest point ever! I played many great courses that included one of Canada’s most famous – Glen Abby. And I was able to play 80 plus rounds with great friends! It was definitely a great year!

The Grateful Golfer blog expanded exponentially this year. I was able to post 199 articles on my blog and an additional 45 articles at This may seem to be robust, but when you are writing about something you really like, it is very easy to put pen to paper.

I was pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback I received. Many of these great comments helped me shape many of the articles. They also helped focus my golf game when hitting the links. While writing articles about my golf experiences, I never really wondered if they were hitting the mark. But, it seems that some were helpful because the top 10 articles garnered about 30 percent of my blog traffic. Here are the top 10:

  1. Which Golf Grip is Best for You?
  2. A Growth Mindset About Golf
  3. Why 14 Clubs
  4. 5 Wood or Extra Wedge
  5. How Wide Should Your Stance Be
  6. Quiet Hands to Break 100
  7. Swing Plane Training
  8. What’s Wrong With Phil Mickelson
  9. Scramble or Best Ball Golf Tournament
  10. New World Number One

As I reminisce about 2014, I become invigorated for what is to come! 2015 is going to be a great year for all things golf.

My goals for golf in 2015 are pretty basic. Continue to share my thoughts, experiences and tips about golf on The Grateful Golfer. To continue the positive interaction between other golfing fanatics. And to complete my goal of being a scratch golfer!

Well, it all starts today! I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!