Playing In a Best Ball Tournament

On Sunday past, Blair and I played in our second round of the Clear Springs Golf Course 2 person Best Ball tournament. We anticipated a great deal of rain, but luck would have it that it by past our location and we only had a few sprinkles through the round. The course was in fantastic shape, our playing partners were great fun, and we played very well for 16 holes! Overall, it was a great round. We played much better than our final score of 3 over 75, but alas, that is golf. As Charles Dickens said: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

As per the first round, we started on the back nine. We started off well and were hitting the ball straight and in the locations we wanted. With a bogey, par and birdie in the first three holes, Blair and I were feeling confident about our round. Unfortunately, we hopped on a roller coaster for the rest of the first 9 and were left with the ‘what could have been’ as we drove to the number one hole and the back 9 of our round.

Typical elevated green at Clear Springs Golf Course.

The last 6 holes of the front 9 were like this: double bogey, bogey, birdie, triple bogey, birdie, birdie! Yup, we were all over the place and it was not because of poor shots. It was because our tee shots rolled out into hazards. What I mean is that we were hitting the ball farther on the second day than the first and this caused us a tremendous amount of angst. On the three occasions of above par scores, our ball rolled 15 to 20 yards farther than expected and left us with either a penalty stroke or a shot unable to reach the green.

On the triple bogey, I should have taken my medicine instead of trying to hit out of the hazard. I continued to grind out the 16th hole and was left with a 15 foot putt for a double. I felt comfortable at this distance that day and made what I thought was a perfect put. I was a bit light and as my ball teetered on the edge to drop in, it stopped and rolled back from the lip of a hole by a half a ball. Not really fair, but that is what we all had to deal with.

After four birdies and a bunch of other scores we finished our first 9 holes with a score of 3 over par 39. We were very happy with the score given all things. So we were hoping to build on our strong finish of the first 9 holes.

The second 9 holes was one ‘close, but no cigar’! We shot 7 pars, one birdie and one bogey. We lipped out for birdie on 4 of the pars and for par on the one bogey. We played a very strong back 9 and left many strokes on the course. Overall, we shot four strokes better than the first day and finished with a 75. Blair and I just finished out of the prizes (by retro), but were very happy with our last round. We look forward to playing in this great event again next year.

I do want to mention that on the 110 yard par 3, third hole, I hit closest to the pin. I hit a knock down pitching wedge to the left of the pin and watched my ball roll to two feet away. I made the slick right to left putt and walked off to the next hole. I am not sure what my prize is for this good shot, but when I find out I will update this article.

I would like to thank the staff at Clear Springs. They put on a great tournament and kept their professional positive demeanour as they worked 14 hour days. It is because of their great customer service, our golfing experience exceeded all expectations.

This was the first best ball tournament I played in for many years. I really enjoyed competing and I hope to do more next year. But for now, I am going to happy with our performance and remain grateful for the friendships I forged during the event.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing In a Best Ball Tournament

  1. Sounds like there was lots of “grinding” going on. I may go against the common belief but prefer best ball vs scramble events. I focus better and my “stupid scramble swing” stays in the bag.

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    • BMc

      I prefer stroke play best, then best ball, and lastly scramble. I agree that I play better when I am focused on my overall game and not on trying to hit the ball farther than I can in a scramble. However, scramble seems to be the popular game these days. 😦

      Cheers Jim


  2. It’s having fun that counts. I got to play both days this weekend away and tied for the win at home in our skins game again tonight. Still working on separation. It causes me a few extra errant swings still, but when I get it right I see what all the fuss is about. lol

    I hit some bombs this weekend with the hybrids and the 4 wood. Those two clubs especially make me at ease trying to get good separation for some reason. That 3 hybrid I was given especially so. I imagine it has to do with the length of the clubs being the sweet spot for me right now. But it’s kind of nice that it happened to be them. Really all three hybrids and the 4 wood find the best results from my attempts so far.

    Lots of standing water on the courses we played over the weekend. I lost quite a few balls to it too. Bad aiming. lol I’d see the ball take off just like I wanted only to see the splash over the rise and know I’d lost another. lol The guys commented on how well I took it. I told them it does no good to let it get to you. If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that.

    It was a little depressing though. Wouldn’t you know it, my cheap balls weren’t on the shelves and I paid for better balls for a change and lost over half in two days. Oh well, I got to play three times in three days and that’s more than many can say. And weather permitting I’ll be back out there tonight.

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    • Kevin,

      Losing balls in casual water is not fun for sure. I think that your attitude is the proper one by not stressing over a wayward ball hiding in the water. 😉 Good to hear that you are making headway on your efforts to create more separation with you clubs. Your 3H and 4 wood are great clubs to have working because they are very versatile when hitting to distance. Keep it up.

      Cheers Jim


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