Playing Golf In The Rain

Fall is a challenging time of year to play golf. In my area of Ontario, it is a challenge to dress according to temperature, moisture and wind because it changes quickly without notice. I have discussed wearing layers of clothing in previous articles and that is a must right now. The challenge for most players is keeping their persons warm and relatively dry, keeping their equipment dry, and determining if walking or riding is the best mode of transportation. Regardless of what is decided, carrying more stuff is better than doing without.

Warming Up in the Rain!

When riding, carrying too much stuff is not an issue because the cart does all the work. For example, during the tournament on the weekend, Blair and I prepared to the best of our abilities for the turbulent weather conditions. Cooler, wet weather with possible thunderstorms was forecast, so we carried extra towels, a tarp to cover the clubs, a temporary windshield, gloves, a toque, rain suit, and umbrellas. We carried extra clamps and bungie cords to secure the tarp just in case the wind picked up. All of this kit did not stop us from getting wet, but it did make the round more comfortable.

If we decided to walk (which we did not), I was prepared for this as well. I had a rain suit, extra towels in plastic bags, rain cover for my clubs, an umbrella, warm gloves, a toque, and spare shoes and socks in the car if needed to change after 9 holes. The image on the left is a bit dated, but you get the idea that I carry a fair bit of stuff when playing golf in the rain.

Personally, I try to avoid playing in the rain. However, Blair and I were in a tournament on the weekend and we could not avoid the weather. The wet weather did affect our game, but because of our preparation efforts, the damage was much less and we were more comfortable (well as much as we could be). Playing golf in the rain is part of the whole experience. However, as I venture farther down my golf path, playing in the rain is becoming less and less appealing. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing Golf In The Rain

  1. The key to playing in adverse conditions is as you have stated is being prepared and having the right gear. Since I play well into the year and get out early, I know what layers that I need.

    First of all, I much prefer walking to carting in the rain or cold. It is much easier to stay warm and dry and as a result play better. Good use of a cover keeps your clubs dry and I have Big Max bags that seem to do the job better.

    I have Goretex rain gear (Jacket and pants) that is very effective even in downpours. I also have a rainproof vest and three quarter rain jacket for warmer weather.

    I don’t like to play in heavy rain unless I have to. Light rain is very manageable with the right gear.

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  2. How is that umbrella of yours? Does it hold up in the wind? Mine looked just like it. The same double canopy and the same colors. But it failed badly when some gusts hit us just before the rain caught up to us a few weeks back and though I did give it a try, I don’t seem to have enough arms to hold things in place to reattach and tighten the 2 metal wires that hold the pieces in place. Seem to need about 8 arms to manage that feat. lol

    So I need a new one and wondered if you’re satisfied with the brand you bought. You can’t stop an inversion from happening when you get big gusts of wind blowing through, but it shouldn’t wreck the umbrella.

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    • Kevin,

      I like the 8 ribbed umbrella for sure and it holds the up against the wind fairly well. I am not particular about the brand. I have found the inexpensive ones are just as durable as the top named umbrellas. I look for size more than anything. the larger the canopy the better because I do not play in adverse conditions unless I have too and I need a large coverage to keep things dry.

      Cheers Jim


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