Playing Golf In Fall Weather

Unlike my golfing friends to the south, fall golf provides an additional challenge because of the changing and unpredictable weather. It is inevitable that the temperature fluctuations will force golfers to evaluate their equipment, clothing, and desire to want to hit the links. This time of year can provide the best of conditions to play golf, however the conditions change so quickly that all four seasons can be experienced in one round. Regardless, if you live in the northern climes, then you are aware that to prolong our season, we need to have the proper equipment and mental attitude to play.

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Picking The Right Ball For Your Game

If you have ever tried to pick the right golf for your game, I am sure you were quickly overwhelmed by the selection, prices, and performance. I am confident you have hit at least a dozen different types of golf balls over the course of a year (or round 😉 ). I know I have tried so many different types of golf balls, I cannot even recall how many. However, I have settled on three balls and generally stick to them for my entire season. Before I get to into the balls I play, I have a couple of tips that might work for you when picking a ball to play.

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Does The Type of Golf Ball Really Matter

I realize that this topic has been batted around more times than we can count, but I do have a point that might make a difference in how you select which golf ball to play. Believe me I have tried many different makes and models over the years and the type of golf ball does make a difference in my golf scores.

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Rotating My Golf Ball Seems To Help My Golf Scores

The old adage that a change in as good as a rest. Sometimes I need to change golf balls because it forces me to think about how to play my next shot. I play two balls exclusively (unless I am really having a bad day) and find that they play about 90% the same, there are some subtle differences. It is those differences that I like to exploit whenever possible.

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How To Pick Your Golf Ball | The Grateful Golfer

Next to selecting your golf clubs, your golf ball is the most personal piece of equipment you can choose. Before anyone tells you different, there is no right or wrong answer, however I would contest that the ball a professional uses and the ball an amateur uses should be different. The difference is embedded in swing speed, contact, feel, and cost. For those who have a very little idea about some of the factors, you can check out my infographic at this link.

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