Picking The Right Ball For Your Game

If you have ever tried to pick the right golf for your game, I am sure you were quickly overwhelmed by the selection, prices, and performance. I am confident you have hit at least a dozen different types of golf balls over the course of a year (or round 😉 ). I know I have tried so many different types of golf balls, I cannot even recall how many. However, I have settled on three balls and generally stick to them for my entire season. Before I get to into the balls I play, I have a couple of tips that might work for you when picking a ball to play.

Here is an interesting chart I found at golf.com. It helps explain the different aspects of each ball type and a possibility of what will work for your game.

Golfweek offers this:

Step 1: Find a golf ball type based on your skill level and personal preferences. Ball types available on the market focus on control, spin and distance. High handicap players will normally focus on a ball that is designed for additional distance or control while low handicap players will want to ensure their ball is designed for additional spin for better scoring in the short game.

Step 2: Pick a golf ball construction type. Modern golf balls are sold as multilayer, two- or three-piece designs. Three-piece balls are normally produced for golfers desiring additional backspin while multilayer balls are targeted to reducing the effects of spin on the ball.

Step 3: Select the compression rating for your golf ball.

Step 4: Assess your ove


As I have mentioned before, I have settled on three golf balls that are made by different manufacturers. The first is a Wilson 50. I use them during the spring and summer. This is a distance ball and during the damp wet weather, I find it works best for my game in the cooler weather.

During the summer, I use a Pro V1x golf ball. It offers the best control and distance during the warm, dry weather. I cannot say this is my go to ball because I also like the Snell MTB Black for the same reasons.

I have tried many different golf balls and have settled on the ones I mentioned above. It was an evolving process and I am not sure my journey to find the perfect golf ball for my game is over. But for now, I am very satisfied with my choices.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Picking The Right Ball For Your Game

  1. Balls are really subjective. For me, I’m using a really cheap ball and I’m fine with it. I don’t see a benefit with any of the premium balls I’ve hit so I stick with the cheap one. And I do mean cheap. 11 bucks for 2 dozen. Less than 50 cents a ball. So of course hard cover and a single piece core. But I hold the green with it. I hit tall shots or lower trajectory shots. I turn it right and left. It works. And with the face on my mallet, it feels fine putting too so why spend more?

    I don’t know any pro’s. Don’t play rounds with any. The people I do play with may like those premium balls but I don’t see that any of them get any real benefit from them. It’s an argument my brother and I had many times over the years. And one I could always win (in my mind) because he never played any worse (or better) when he ran out of balls and had to use one of mine. lol

    If it feels, flies and rolls ok. Not too squishy and not like a rock, it’s probably good enough.

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