Picking The Right Ball For Your Game

If you have ever tried to pick the right golf for your game, I am sure you were quickly overwhelmed by the selection, prices, and performance. I am confident you have hit at least a dozen different types of golf balls over the course of a year (or round šŸ˜‰ ). I know I have tried so many different types of golf balls, I cannot even recall how many. However, I have settled on three balls and generally stick to them for my entire season. Before I get to into the balls I play, I have a couple of tips that might work for you when picking a ball to play.

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Where Does Your Divot Start?

There is something wrong with my divot location!

For years, I have had a raging debate with many players on where the divot should start. Over the years, I have heard at the back of the ball, the middle of the ball or in front of the ball. We all agreed that behind the ball was bad news. Of course, it is important to point out that the following is for your irons and not your woods. I do not believe in taking a divot with my woods because it causes my stroke to lose power. We can discuss this in the future. As we move through the discussion, think of where your divot starts and the type of contact you have with your ball. Continue reading