Does The Type of Golf Ball Really Matter

I realize that this topic has been batted around more times than we can count, but I do have a point that might make a difference in how you select which golf ball to play. Believe me I have tried many different makes and models over the years and the type of golf ball does make a difference in my golf scores.

It is the time of year I need to replenish my golf balls. I have plenty of spring and fall balls (Wilson 50), but my two dozen summer balls have almost all disappeared. After 25 rounds, it am not surprised. I generally lose them during scrambles when trying to hit the ball too far or attempt a difficult high risk / high reward shot. Regardless, it is time to buy some more golf balls.

It is about this time that I start using some of the balls I find until I can refill my supply. As I search my Rick and Blair’s golf balls in the woods 🙂 (I am going to hear about this one for sure) I find plenty of different balls of all makes and brands.

Usually I give them to Rick and Blair, but sometimes I will hit them for fun. Without pointing fingers at the different manufacturers, there is a great difference between them. As such, I classify the different balls by how they feel when hitting them and the sound they make.

  • Hard Cover – Loud Click. These are usually distance balls and I have a hard time playing them. I do not hit the ball any farther with these balls and I have zero touch around the green. I might use this for a water ball or something, but generally I will not play them for any reason.
  • Softer Cover – Loud Click. Still not a ball I will use, but the softer cover will allow for better control. This ball would be okay for beginners or golfers who play once in a while. They are relatively inexpensive, so they are good option for the bi-weekly player.
  • Soft Cover – Soft Click. These are the golf balls that are best for my game. I find that they excel in all areas of my game. Interestingly, the more under control I swing, the better they perform. I realize that the ball probably does not have much to do with the success, but I am not convince. More importantly, the this ball is best around and on the green. I will play this type of all regardless of manufacturer or brand.
  • Soft Cover – Mushy Click. There are a few golf balls that have the right cover, but feel like I am hitting a marshmallow. I have zero feel with this ball and do not like them at all. There are a few brands like this and when I find them, I immediately give them away. Without any feel around the green, I struggle to hit the ball cleanly.

As you can see, my system is very scientific. Okay, not really! But, it does allow for me to use the correct ball for my game. Other golfers like that hard shell and low click when they play, but it is not for me. So, I will stick to the soft cover and soft click. It really does work. Generally, this is a three piece ball in case you were wondering.

When selecting the right golf ball for you, do not be afraid to experiment will different brands. The most expensive golf ball is not always the best one for your game. It really is a matter of preference for distance or feel. And in my case feel around the green is most important.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Does The Type of Golf Ball Really Matter

  1. I am a Titleist ProV1 guy. I used to play ProV1x but a couple years ago Titleist switched the balls – the more spinning Prov1 became the ProV1x and vice versa. I have used the Taylormade TP5x and those are excellent as well. I have done the buy 3 get 1 free deal. And in case I need extra balls I’ll buy the previous generation which is usually 12-15 dollars cheaper.


  2. Jim, I’m a ProV1 guy 100%. I used to switch off to Titleist Velocity in cold or heavy wind but no more. I still keep one in my bag for emergencies but haven’t used in a couple years. I will keep anything I find on the course that’s in good condition and add to my shag bag. The great thing is that all my friends and family know I play ProVs and keep me well supplied. I can’t remember the last time I bought golf balls 🙂



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    • Brian,

      ProV1, Snell, and Wilson 50 are my balls. When we play, my friends all give me the ProV1s they find and keep them supplied with everything else. I generally get a dozen or two over the year as a gift. Do you take advantage of the buy 3 get on free personalized ProV1 deal that usually happens in April?

      Cheers Jim

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