When Amazing Things Happen On The Golf Course

After 45+ years of playing golf, I witnessed something last Wednesday that I never seen before. It was an amazing feat of golf prowess that if I did not see it, I would never have believed it. It am grateful I was able to be apart of history in the making!

Okay, history in the making might be a bit over the top, but what I witnessed was unbelievable. Let me set the stage.

Last Wednesday was Men’s Night. Rick, Blair, Fernando and I were playing a game called Vegas. Each of us was given a number from 1 through 4. After we teed off, Rick was in charge of rolling a die. If our number came up, that is the drive we had to use on that hole. If a 5 was rolled, we used our choice of drives. If a 6 was rolled, we had to roll again. We shot a minus 5 for an overall score of 30. We tied for top team, but lost out of the prizes because of retrogression. The stage is set; now for the amazing thing.

Our starting hole was the 14th. So, we played the 13th hole for a warm up. After following the rules, we were left with a 60 foot birdie putt. Rick is always the first to putt. I read the putt from behind the hole and offered my suggest as to the line. But, from 60 feet, it really is a crap shoot. Well, Rich hit my line perfectly and dropped the 60 footer. Great way to start the evening, but it did not count for our official score.

On the 14th hole, we followed the game and were left with a 30 foot putt. As you can see, our approach shots needed some work. However, with Rick first to putt, we were not worried. Following the same routine as the last hole, I offered Rick the line and he effortlessly sunk his second long putt in a row. We started off with a birdie and skipped to the next hole.

15th hole tee shot at Osprey Links Golf Course.

The 15th hole is a short down hill par three. After hitting our tee shots, the roll of the dice left us 25 feet from the pin. We had two closer shots, but the dice was not as friendly on that hole. Not to worry, guess who was coming up to putt first. You guessed it, Rick. Following our established routine, Rick stroked another masterful shot and sunk his third birdie putt in a row from long than 25 feet.

The 16th hole is an uphill par 5 and we were left with 24 feet to go for birdie after hitting all of our shots. This putt was a semi difficult left to right putt. After some discussion with the team we settled on a line. As Rick stood over the putt, we all watched with anticipation and some expectation that he would sink another long putt for the team. Well, Rick coolly hit the ball perfectly on line and drained another long putt! That was the 4th one-putt in a row from 24+ feet. Amazing, simply amazing.

As we hopped to the 17th tee, Blair, Fernando, and I were chatting like we had won the lottery. Sitting 3 under and none of us had putted yet. What a dream. Rick, calming (probably like a duck) hit first and went back to his cart. After a roll of the dice, we were left with a 21 foot putt and guess who was up? Yup, it was Rick to go first again. Following the normal routine, Rick prepared to sink this downhill putt as if it was nothing. We all watch with anticipation and watched as his ball lipped out and stayed two inches from the hole! It was heart breaking.

Unfortunately Ricks streak of 4 one-putts on 4 different holes from 24+ feet was over. I can honestly say that it was amazing to watch and I have never witnessed that putting prowess before. One or two holes, sure, but 4 holes in a row…..never.

Congrats to Rick for making history. It was fantastic to watch and I am grateful to have witnessed this unbelievable feat. Now that Rick has set a new standard for putting on our team, we are hoping for great things in the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “When Amazing Things Happen On The Golf Course

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  2. Jim, who’s giving Rick strokes in the next money match? Not me! Fantastic story of putting prowess, congrats to him! Vegas sounds like a fun game. Are you rolling the dice on every shot the team takes or just the tee shot?



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  4. Wow what a day Barrie Therrien705-471-3232Safety reminder “TAKE 5” – “It is better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute”

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  5. That must have been fun to watch. I played Bardmoor today and my luck wasn’t as good. I think I must have lipped out 15 times. It was a bit frustrating, but the greens were aerated and sanded and they did a lot of bouncing so I didn’t let it get to me. It may not have been a great scoring day, but it was fun to get back on a “big” course just the same. Next time the greens will be better, and I’ll be even better prepared.

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