Health, Fitness, and Golf

Do you know the common denominator that drives success in the areas of health, fitness, and golf? It is a constant and interrelated quantity that affects how well we improve in these and many other areas of our lives. Of course the simple answer is time! There is only a limited supply of it and depending on where you spend it, will depend on how successful we are in all aspects of our lives.

For years, my wife Teri and I have made a conscious effort to improve our health and fitness. We believe that these two areas drive all others and will provide the foundation of an active life now and into the future. Given this is our focus, we found that time (especially with other life challenges) is the most precious commodity we have to allow us to enjoy the other fun things in our lives. In my case the top of the list is golf.

Without focusing time on health and fitness, I am unable to play my best golf. I find that I am physically and mentally unable to perform at the level I expect. This is frustrating, but a part of life. To make more time for golf and other fun activities like kayaking and walking, we needed to find more time in our daily lives in order to improve our health and fitness, our mental state, and overall well-being.


There were a couple of areas where it was easy to find some time. First to cut down on watching TV. I love movies, however, watching several hours at a time, day in and day out, is a time sucker. I do devote some time to watching movies, but I am usually doing a couple things at the same time such as writing an article, stretching, lifting weights, or walking on the treadmill. By combining all of these activities with each other and it helps save time for other things. This generally covers the fitness aspect of my life.

The other important area of focus is health. If you have read my “About Me” page of The Grateful Golfer, you will realize that health is very important. I will have to say that this area has seen the greatest change in my life over the past 11 years. On a side note, my wife has always focused on this area and it took a life changing event to have me jump all in feet first. Now, that I am here, I do not see this ever changing.

Sometimes the challenge I face is coming home after golf or other fun activities and devoting the time to prepare something healthy to eat. Additionally, it is challenging to not fall into the rut of grabbing something and saying I will make up for it later. What we were looking for was something that will save us time and still empower us to eat healthy.

Well, we found it. Actually, my wife was introduced to Epicure and she was intrigued by what they were offering. After a great deal of research, she decided that Epicure was a solution that would work for both of us. If you knew my wife, you would know she does not quickly jump into anything without reading the labels. The more she read, the more intrigued she became. So much so, she became a consultant with Epicure.

As per the normal routine, she tried it first and introduced it to me. The more I tried the different recipes, mixes, and spices, the more I became a convert. Their claim is to cook a delicious, healthy meal from start to finish in 20 minutes. And for me who is culinary challenged, this is a very good thing. Talk about an easy way to eat healthy and save time in order to spend it on other fun areas of my life….like golf!

Focusing on our health and fitness is our top priority. If we can find a way to save time while focusing on these important areas, then that is a huge bonus. We believe that these two priorities we create the foundation for all the other great things in our lives now and into the future.

If you want more information on Epicure you can find it at my wife’s website:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Health, Fitness, and Golf

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  3. Hi Jim,
    you are right about health, I had never previously had a problem with fitness and health, until I contracted pneumonia in April this year.I currently have to use a cart to play 18 holes, and it is not for me. Walking the course was always my norm. The doctors tell me it will take six months to recover fully, it is such a long drag, roll on summer.


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  4. Jim, glad to hear you have your health and fitness in order. Those are clear prerequisites for playing good golf, and you must be doing something right because you are in excellent form. Congrats on all the positive changes you have made!


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