Relying On Your Best Club For Low Golf Scores

Every golfer has that one favourite golf club. It is the stick that they can hit consistently and effectively most of the time. Generally, the higher the handicap, the limited number of clubs that you would consider your favourite. However, as you become a lower handicapper, this one club will expand and in my case it has expanded to four. Yup, I have four favourite clubs that I rely on to shoot my lowest golf scores. Let me explain.

It might seem to strange, but I have complete confidence in these four clubs where when hitting them. It is like I automatically fall into a positive zone and focus only on hitting a great stroke. To be fair, I feel okay with the other clubs, but these four seem…..special. In no particular order:

  • Driver. My new Callaway Rogue 9.5° driver is golden. I hit well most of the time. I goes where I am aiming and rarely causes me problems. Hitting in play off the tee is a key area that allows me to shoot low golf scores. Not being in play is a huge challenge for any golfer. So, my driver is my favourite club in my bag.
  • Putter. It might seem strange, but my putter elevates my confidence the moment I pull it out of my bag. My putter is the ultimate stroke saver in my bag because I rarely three putt and sneak a long putt in from time to time to lower my score.
  • 7-iron. This is the most versatile club in my bag. I use it for approach shots from 155-165 yards, to hit low stingers, chip from the fringe, and putt (when the ball is a tap in 🙂 ). I spent a great deal of time developing this versatility and I am now rewarded with confidence and success when using it.
  • Sand wedge. I use this club out of the sand (duh, obviously) with a great deal of success. Additionally, I like to use it to chip from around the green because I can spin the ball better than a Gap Wedge and with more control. The only limitation with this club is the lie in long grass. If the ball is too embedded in the long grass, I will switch for a PW or GW.

As you can see, I have favourite clubs in all areas of my golf game. They build my confidence and as such help me to shoot lower golfer scores. It is a rare thing when I miss two shots in a row with one of my favourite clubs. I am not sure how all of this positivity developed, but it is hear and I am grateful that I have them in my golf bag.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Relying On Your Best Club For Low Golf Scores

  1. I used to have favorite clubs. But when I did I also had least favorite clubs and that was something I really didn’t like admitting to. And I also didn’t like the idea of carrying around any clubs I had such little faith in. So I worked long and hard to change that. To start, I thought switching clubs would work. I swapped out my 5 iron for a 7 wood for instance and the 3 iron for a 4 hybrid and that helped, but didn’t really fully solve the issue in my mind at least. Today my 3 and 5 irons are back in my bag and I’m happy as punch with that. Today I would say I have favorite distances. Favorite shot types. But not favorite clubs anymore.


    • Kevin,

      I still hit the other clubs in my bag well, but those four are my best. I agree that we need to use all the clubs in our bag, or why carry them. Having favourite types of shots might make for a good article. Thanks.

      Cheers Jim


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