Switching Golf Club Alliances

Are you the type of person who is a die-hard customer that only supports a specific club manufacturer? You know, if you find something that works, then stick with it regardless if your game is improving or not. Well, I am semi-loyal to a golf club brand, but have transitioned from Titleist to Muzino over the last year. I made the move to Muzino after my club fitting, but I am still loyal with some clubs because I have not found anything better.

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Relying On Your Best Club For Low Golf Scores

Every golfer has that one favourite golf club. It is the stick that they can hit consistently and effectively most of the time. Generally, the higher the handicap, the limited number of clubs that you would consider your favourite. However, as you become a lower handicapper, this one club will expand and in my case it has expanded to four. Yup, I have four favourite clubs that I rely on to shoot my lowest golf scores. Let me explain.


What is in Your Golf Bag?

I am not the type of golfer who remains completely loyal to one particular brand. I have tried many brands of clubs over the years and have settled on my current set because these clubs fit that particular aspect of my game. Except for my new irons, I have used the same brand of other clubs for years. For some reason, each fits my game and produces the best results when called upon. I do not find this unusual because I think most golfers finds what works and sticks it.

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Can Golf Technology Be That Innovative?

It is the start of the golf trade show season. This is where all the golf companies, new and old, bring out what new developments in equipment, accessories and swing processes have to offer. It is an exciting time to see the manufactures have to offer, but I left to wonder if all this new kit is just a smoke and mirror shell game designed to sell the same ole golf stuff.

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Getting to Know Your New Golf Equipment

With the holiday season coming to an end, many of us received some golf equipment. It was probably what we asked for and this is always a good thing. Unfortunately, I have a secret I need to share: if you think that because you bought a new piece of equipment your game will miraculously improve, then I hate to burst your bubble. Yes, we generally see some quick changes, but the long term success of our new kit still requires work and effort.

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