Can Golf Technology Be That Innovative?

It is the start of the golf trade show season. This is where all the golf companies, new and old, bring out what new developments in equipment, accessories and swing processes have to offer. It is an exciting time to see the manufactures have to offer, but I left to wonder if all this new kit is just a smoke and mirror shell game designed to sell the same ole golf stuff.

I am a golfer who likes to see what new clubs will increase my distance off the tee or improve my accuracy to hit fairways. Yet, every time I hear a new claim about something new, I become very skeptical. I feel that most of the manufacturers are just rebranding the same clubs and charging more money!

Hickory shafts were once the newest technology!

I understand that there is difference in club quality and technology between manufacturers because I tried eight different makes when finally purchasing my Callaway Rogue driver I tried them all. It was a rewarding experience, but opened my eyes that not all drivers are created equal.

After discussion with the person helping me find the right club, it was clear that different makes of equipment works for different people. Because I was happy with my Rogue does not mean it would fit for someone else. As a matter of fact, my friend Blair preferred a different make all together. But, this is a different topic to my main point. How can one manufacturer innovate a new driver year after year (sometimes several in the same year!).

Ultimately, my skepticism prevents me from buying new equipment very often. Actually, I am comfortable buying year or two old (new) clubs that are on sale because the innovative changes do not add anything significant to my game. So why spend hundreds of extra dollars on something that does not help – cost versus performance is something I watch when making the new purchase.

I realize that creating hype around new equipment is important and how many manufacturers sell their stuff. However, I suggest that it is a little over the top. I am a frugal buyer and I am rarely taken in by their claims. Additionally, I am a loyal consumer and generally stick to the same brand. Therefore, I am not easily swayed by advertisements.

I still like to read and investigate the claims of innovation, but rarely does something stick with me. It is a part of golf and one a accept. For now, I am not looking for anything new, so I will keep reading and watching for a real innovative advancement.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Can Golf Technology Be That Innovative?

  1. Jim, I’ll usually go for new irons after 10 years and am currently playing with a 14-year old driver. I cannot find a better driver among all the latest offerings. I did find 15-20 yards of additional distance off the tee in the last two years with my current driver. The (not so) secret: putting my money into instruction 🙂

    Your equipment skepticism seems very healthy to me, don’t ever change.



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  2. Yeah, I’m with you. I don’t change my clubs often. Mine go at least ten years before I even think about changing. My driver is the oldest club in my bag at at least 15 years old but I haven’t found one that I feel beats it yet and I go to a demo day every year to try out all the new clubs. It’s fun but it is also something that has given me confidence in the equipment I keep using. When I find one I think is better, I will get fitted and order it on the spot, but until then, as long as mine doesn’t fall apart, I’ll keep it in the bag.

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