What is in Your Golf Bag?

I am not the type of golfer who remains completely loyal to one particular brand. I have tried many brands of clubs over the years and have settled on my current set because these clubs fit that particular aspect of my game. Except for my new irons, I have used the same brand of other clubs for years. For some reason, each fits my game and produces the best results when called upon. I do not find this unusual because I think most golfers finds what works and sticks it.

My current set of golf clubs.

In my bag I have a 9.5° Callaway Driver. I have used many brands, yet always gravitate back to Callaway. I seem to consistently hit this brand well. I like the way it looks. And my miss hits do not seem as poor. Callaway is my club of choice as a driver. I kept my Titleist 915F 3-wood from my previous set. I hit it very well and see no need to change at this time.

The next group of clubs are my new Muzino MP20 irons. I wrote about these clubs earlier and the reason I chose them was because they offer a high ball flight and great angle of attack into the green. So, far I can say they are a great set of clubs. I purposely chose a set with 5 iron to pitching wedge (PW) so I could purchase a 3 and 4 hybrid.

My next purchase was my 3 and 4 hybrid. I have to admit I did not have any favourites until now. These hybrids fit perfectly into my game. I find that they have the perfect (medium) trajectory for my game and I can hit them from between 180 to 210 yards. They fill my distance gap as needed and hit straight most of the time. For now, I am loyal to Mizuno hybrids.

Next are my Titlest Vokey wedges. I have used these clubs for about 15 years. I have tried (even purchased) different wedges over those years, but always reverted back to them. I find that I can control my golf ball best with these clubs and know what to expect when hitting from a specific distance. I have replaced my 52° gap wedge three times; and 56° and 60° wedges twice. I am definitely loyal to this brand.

Lastly, I currently use an Odyssey Works putter. I bought it new a few years ago and have zero regrets. Before then, I played a Tour Force putter for about 25 years. I decided to switch to Odyssey because of my research. I found that this particular putter fits perfectly to my style of putting. It is comfortable in my hands regardless of the distance I have to putt. I am definitely a convert to Odyssey.

Before anyone asks, I have been fitted for everything except for my wedges. I will admit the Odyssey putter was self-fitted, but I consider it fitted nonetheless. The wedges do not need to be fitted because I feel completely confident with them and would not change anyway.

I am currently loyal to three types of golf balls. I play Wilson 50 in the cooler spring and fall. In the warmer days I play Titilest Pro V1 (x) and Snell MTB Black. Between these three brands, my game is well served. I am confident switching between these three golf balls at any time. I rarely use any other brand, but will try a top name golf ball if I find one on the course.

As you can see, I have a mixed bag of golf equipment. I am, however, loyal to each brand and until convinced otherwise, I will stay loyal. I recently read some thing that having all the same brand of equipment in your bag may not suit your game. I believe that and I have the prove. Are you loyal to different golf clubs?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “What is in Your Golf Bag?

  1. TaylorMade currently dominates my bag, but I’m looking to upgrade to Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal (4-5 Hybrid, 6-PW) in the coming weeks. After retiring from the military, I purchased a set of RAC HT (3-4 hybrid, 5-PW) and they have served me well. My driver, 3W, 52 & 56 wedges are all TM as well. When I find a driver, I keep it until I find another that feels right. A couple of Cobra drivers have tempted me, but I wasn’t ready to change drivers when I found them.

    Many years ago, a friend convinced me that the best money spent in a bag was a putter. After purchasing a used Scotty Newport on eBay and falling in love with the feel, I bought a new one. I have tried several other putters when I’m slumping, but the 3-dot Newport 2 always finds its way back into the bag.

    For several years, I played Bridgestone e6 and converted to Srixon Q Star a couple of years back. Occasionally, I buy a sleeve to try something different, but I’m currently stuck on the Q’s.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and helping me to contemplate my golf perspectives!


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  2. Jim, this is scary. I have the same crosswalk in my set as you although the brands are slightly different. I’ve got a Callaway driver, Sonartec 3wd, Mizuno JPX 825 irons (5-PW) Mizuno HP4 iron/hybrids (3, 4), Cleveland wedges (G,S,L) and a Ping putter. I play ProV1s as well. Didn’t see you mention your 3wd but assume you are carrying one. What brand is that?



  3. My bag consists of a Cobra driver and 3 wood, Calloway X-Black Irons 3-pw, Mizuno wedges in 50, 56, and 60 degrees, and a Rossi blade putter. Only the irons and driver are custom fit but the wedges were ordered with the same 1 degree upright lie angle. I’m not brand loyal to a fault though Cobra and Mizuno always get a look because of past good experiences.


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