Switching Golf Club Alliances

Are you the type of person who is a die-hard customer that only supports a specific club manufacturer? You know, if you find something that works, then stick with it regardless if your game is improving or not. Well, I am semi-loyal to a golf club brand, but have transitioned from Titleist to Muzino over the last year. I made the move to Muzino after my club fitting, but I am still loyal with some clubs because I have not found anything better.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I transitioned to a Mizuno 3-wood after using my Titleist 915 for 5 seasons. I still hit it okay, but felt it was time for an update. Since I bought Mizuno irons and hybrids and are very happy with the result, I figure it is a logical step to purchase a 3-wood. And that is where my alliance stops. And here is why.

First, I am very loyal to Callaway when it comes to my driver. I have tried most of the major brands over the years and I always default to Callaway. I am not sure why, but I hit these clubs farther and more accurate than any other brand. Since my driver is a key component to my game, I stick with what is proven over years of experimenting.

Second, I us Vokey wedges. I have tried other brands, but as above, I default back to what works. I have tried other wedges, but the feel is different and the results are shorter. I find that Vokey wedges have consistently proved to be my short irons of choice.

Lastly, I am very loyal to my putter. I recently changed to an Odyssey Works and love my new flat stick. My last putter was in my bag for about 20 years until recently. So, I do not see my new putter being replaced anytime soon.

As you can see, I am loyal to a particular brand in 3 areas. As far as irons, hybrids, and fairway woods, I am open to changing to clubs that fit my game. I recently change to Muzino and will keep these clubs for at least 5 years. Then…..we shall see.

Are you loyal to a particular brand?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Switching Golf Club Alliances

  1. Loyalty ??? Good question. I am loyal to what works. Manufacturers are out to make money. I determine with my dollars what I will use. Nobody is PAYING me to play. So I use Nike driver and 3 wood. Shafts are Diamana. I have TM P7TW , Vokey wedges, Nike putter and ProV1. I also love TM TP5X. I don’t switch clubs often. So it’s hard to say if I’m loyal or just satisfied with what I have. I have 2 Scotty Cameron putters. But for now I use what works best. I think paying for lessons is more important than simply buying clubs.

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  2. Totally understand your semi-loyalty Jim.

    I’ve got Vokey wedges, Titleist irons and Titleist metals, and a PING putter.

    I’ve had the sticks forever – just not playing enough to justify the expense of replacing everything. I last upgraded the metal woods in 2013!

    I’m not against looking and experimenting though. I bet when the time comes, I’ll give Titleist the first look and see if the sticks work for me. I’ll want to compare to other brands, for sure.


  3. Jim, for clubs I am loyal to whatever works. In the bag I have Titleist, Calloway, Mizuno, Cleveland, and Sonartec. I rarely change equipment but don’t feel any loyalty to any of these brands. However, for golf balls, it’s Titleist ProV1 100% of the time. There’s a couple Titleist Velocity balls hanging out in the bottom of the bag that may come out in very cold/windy conditions. In fact, I think I see what looks like a dozen ProVs hanging out under the tree. Oooh, can’t wait!




    • Brian,

      You make some good points. Whatever works is a great plan. I too use specific golf balls. I think I can play better knowing how the ball is going to react to my clubs. Helps build consistency. I hope they are Pro Vs under your tree!

      Cheers Jim


  4. I think it’s a mistake to be loyal to any one brand. There’s never been more diversity available to us and restricting ourselves for brand loyalty sake just seems illogical to me. When buying we should try them all. In a proper fitting. There is no brand that truly suits us better than another, there are just particular clubs that enhance our abilities best and they can come from any of the manufacturers at any given point in time. I consider it a mental failure in our game and of course, I’m as guilty as the rest. Even knowing personally the value of a proper fitting, I just bought that Cobra hybrid. I’ve owned Cobra’s other clubs over the years and I spec’ed the club to be as close as I could to perfection including the shaft, lie angle, and grip, but the shaft was most certainly a guess for that club type and that’s just not good, smart golf. And even though I’m liking it just fine, I’ll have to live with this little nagging thought about whether it could have been better.


    • Kevin,

      You point about fitting is very important. I to am guilty of not being fitted for my new 3-wood. We have way less opportunities where I live for fittings, but alas that is the nature of my game. I am expecting to be able to hit my 3 wood better than my current one. I have some adjustments on the club that will facilitate this swing in period in the spring. But that is still 5 months away.

      Cheers Jim


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