Eating Healthy = Great Golf

If only my title was that easy. Time is a critical factor in every golfers life. The effort to balance family, work, golf, and eating healthy (and about 100 other things that vie for your attention) is a monumental challenge sometimes. It is not that we do not want to eat properly, but when we juggle a million things on any given day, something has to give…..or does it? I believe that eating healthy 80% of the time is important to my golf game. The proper nutrition gives me the energy in the last four holes of my round to finish strong and stay focused. However, eating to fuel my game cannot happen once in a while, it is a conscious decision that does take time; in my opinion, I receive 10 times the benefits for every second I dedicate to eating healthy.

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Health, Fitness, and Golf

Do you know the common denominator that drives success in the areas of health, fitness, and golf? It is a constant and interrelated quantity that affects how well we improve in these and many other areas of our lives. Of course the simple answer is time! There is only a limited supply of it and depending on where you spend it, will depend on how successful we are in all aspects of our lives.

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