Are You a Player or Poser?

Right now there are a thousand cliché at this time reference a player verses a poser on the golf course. Additionally, you probably have just as many players you have encountered over the years who fit either category. Of course I am not looking for you to name names, but I can say that avoid posers as much as possible. I find that they are energy suckers and I have not time to waste on such individuals. I would prefer to spend my valuable time with golfers because they invigorate my game and for that I am grateful.

Before we put on our hard hats and start bashing each other around, this post is not about posers (defined as: a person who acts in an affected manner in order to impress others.) I don’t want to waste anymore time talking about them. Instead, I want to talk about what I think a golfer looks like.

A golfer is someone, probably like yourselves, who embraces the game of golf. They understand that golf is hard and to be a better player takes effort. This effort is not restricted to just physical aspects of the game, but the mental side as well. It is a process that to be a better player takes focused consistent effort and a desire to look past the challenges needed to attain new levels of better play.

Of course the above description is only one side of a golfer. The other is the ability to have fun when facing the constant barrage of “OMG” shots and bad bounces; with occasional “WOOHOO” thrown into the mix! These golfers add joy to my game and are welcome in my group at anytime. We all seem to have a great time and I personally relish the thought of playing a fun round with players who love golf just because it is golf.

Lastly, a golfer is someone who innately understands the spirit of the game. They realize the basic tenets and follow them willingly. Some of these tenets include honesty, integrity, and fair play. It is these, and other, foundational views that makes golf great. As a golfer, we are expected to follow the rules when no one is looking; try that in other sports and see what happens.

Poser or golfer?

Personally, I hope I am viewed as a golfer and not a poser. I believe that I follow my definition of a golfer and exude this persona while on and off that links. I never see this changing regardless of how I play from day to day.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Are You a Player or Poser?

  1. Hi Jim;

    When I think about myself, I’m a golfer. It’s more of a matter if I’m a purist or not. While there are tendencies for me to be a “purist” I’m more likely to have fun while doing so. I’ve often thought that I was not meant to be involved in golf or play the game as I am a bit “against the grain” and not your stereotypical “Bushwood mentality guy”. Have a nice weekend.


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  2. Jim, I love to play the poser in match play. They are an easy mark because they have no mental game and like to show off. If you focus on your own course management, it will often frustrate the poser/opponent when you start hitting fairways and greens. Just don’t pay attention when they take pitching wedge on the 170-yard par-3.




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