Nursing a Back Injury

Yup, it is true. For about 5 days, I have nursed a back injury. It happened the last time I was out on the links. After the 16th hole, I felt my back suddenly get tight on the lower right side of my back. Additionally, I felt tightness through out my right hip and as such have kept it cool for the past few days. I actually cancelled two rounds (Wednesday and Thursday) which is rare for me, but it was the smart thing to do! I am on the road to recovery and let me explain what I am doing.

I felt the first initial twinge when driving in the golf cart. I hit a bump and as I was coming done, the cart hit another bump. I hit the seat pretty hard and it is then I felt a sharp twinge. On the next tee, I could not even swing the golf club as I pulled my shot left. As I limped in with a bogey, bogey finish (for a total of 3 over par 74) I was really feeling discomfort in my lower right side of my back.

Over the next two days, things tightened up even more. It is the nature of this injury and I have had it before. I actually think it has more to do with my right hip than anything else. However, I am focused on an overall recovery with special attention to the problem area.

My efforts for recovery are very simple and follow a proven method for fixing my injuries in the past. I take and anti-inflammatory, apply heat often, and stretch. That is it. I have found that my back is responding to this treatment.

Before I go any further, I will add my disclaimer that I am not a doctor, nor am I recommending you do any self-treatment without seeking professional medical advice. The above information was information to shape the scope of this article only.

As of today, I am feeling better. I will add that I am also adding activities around my yard like painting, light chores, yard maintenance, etc. I am not doing any heavy lifting, but am trying to include a full range of movement to keep my back and hip loose. Sitting all day is not the answer, neither is driving it hard getting things done.

So, there you have it. I am nursing a back injury and following my own advice. I would rather not golf for a day than a week, a week than a month, or a month than a year. You have heard this from me before, but it is very important. I am currently in the week than a month stage. I will not return to golf until I am pain free while swinging a golf club. It is the only sensible way to move forward.

On a brighter note, I did receive my two new wedges yesterday. I am replacing my Titleist Vokey Gap Wedge 52° and Lob Wedge 60°. They are the SM7 brand and will fit perfectly in my bag.

I will update you on my progress, but for now all is great, I am grateful, and my journey to scratch continues!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Nursing a Back Injury

  1. Sorry to hear about your back, but those new wedges should take a little of the sting out. They look sharp. I’m still babying my wrist a bit too. If I feel a twinge one day, I skip playing the next. I don’t want to over stress it. We usually know how to take care of those things we’re susceptible too. But don’t hesitate to get it looked at if you don’t see your normal (age adjusted) progression.
    I’ve been questioning something in my swing of late. For me to hit a draw, I need to make sure I straighten at least if not bow my wrist as I come through the ball or I have to flip it. In the past, I am sure I was doing a bit of both which is why the draw got so large. And bringing the draw back into my swing I naturally started doing it at the top when I transition. But lately I’ve been practicing in slow motion straightening the left wrist early. Where I can see it. I can check it at the point I’m parallel with the ground. The tow will be maybe 10 degrees shy of straight up if I stop there and my wrist is in the right position otherwise the toe is straight up at that point. In slow motion, in my room it seems to work beautifully. I can make my turn, and then as I come down I can see the club shallowing out just as it comes into the ball. The face is closed and providing less loft and my hands are leading the face in naturally. It looks like it wants to glide across the carpet.
    From my eyes looking down, it looks a little skewed. Like the face is open to my target. But if I leave the club grounded and unwind and straighten up, I’m dead square to the target according to my feet. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow evening if the rain scheduled for the morning doesn’t drown us out. Do you think about bowing the wrist, and if so, when do you do it in the swing? Or is it something that you just do?


    • Kevin,

      To hit a simple baby draw (5 yards or so), I was taught by my mentor, Bobby Fortune, to close the club face on set up about 1 degree. The to swing the club normally ensuring I have an inside out flight path. This style works for me. If I want hit a hard draw (almost a hook), my left wrist is bowed during contact and I roll my right wrist more during contact. Again, I keep the inside out swing plane. As far as anything else, with respect to my swing mechanics when making a draw, I just do it without thinking. Basically, I try to keep as much of my swing mechanics the same so I can repeat it.

      Not sure this really helps, but let me know how you make out.

      Cheers Jim


      • I got to give it a try tonight. Had both courses all to myself since I started a dinner hour. I used what I’ve been practicing in the house with my 3 iron off the bat on the first tee. I hit a decent shot as far as it landing in the fairway, but it wasn’t struck in the center of the face and was shorter than what I had pictured. I checked the club and saw that I hit a little high and out close to the toe. So for the next hole, I hit the same club and got in about an inch closer and nailed it dead center. I kept the woods in the bag for the day and used only my irons to get used to it. I had a few ups and downs like that first shot. Another one or two from set up, and a couple that were caused by the mind. But all in, I have to say that I played well with it. Except for a mental mistake made by the sheer laziness of not going back for a bigger club and ensuing big hook caused by trying to kill it, the mistakes were small. The good shots were right on target. I tried it with a couple of chips too. But mostly only found it helpful if I need the toe down. For something relatively new, I found it easy to incorporate over all. And it feels easier to control the face than how I’ve been doing it. Time will tell but today, I was all over the pin with only a very few exceptions that just weren’t struck well anyway. They weren’t huge misses though so that also seems encouraging. And I while I didn’t keep score, I think I shot par or close enough to it. So I think this is worth keeping at it.


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