Annoyed At The Golf Industry

Have you ever sat down to read some interesting articles on golf and been bombarded by ‘white noise’ advertisements on anything relating to golf. The challenge facing the golf industry is that they have embraced social media as the medium of choice for advertising. I mean, who can really blame them because that is how the new generation of players communicate. However, as an older established player, I am not swayed by the hollow promises that new technology or a revolutionary ‘swing fix’ will dramatically improve my game. Golf has and always will be a game of incrementalism for improvement and as such, the golf industry has bolted from its roots.

Has my above rant caught your attention? But seriously, I often wonder if we are on the cusp of a revolution in golf? As the cost to play continues to rise, it is challenging for the many players (new and old) stay current with all the ‘innovative’ aspects of the golf industry. It seems (my perception is my reality) that no matter which piece of equipment I purchase or new technique I try, it is obsolete within a few months (according to the golf industry).

It is almost as if Moore’s Law has taken over the golf industry. Innovation is happening so quickly that it is almost impossible to stay ahead of the curve. Are we the consumer considered to be a modern day Don Quixote chasing windmills by the golf industry because we do not know any better?

It appears the golf industry has embraced the “fear of missing out on the next best thing” campaign. High pressure, in your face, relentless advertising trying to make golfers think that their game is lacking because we do not have the newest ‘whatever’ golf equipment. Unfortunately, social media has helped fuel this model for success, but does it really help sustain the golf industry or the sport in the long run.

I would suggest it does not! I understand that any business model is forever evolving and golf is no different. However, I can tell you right now, that if I am struck with a deluge of advertisements from any aspect of the golf industry, my eyes glace over and I am immediately turned off. The quickest way to lose me as a devoted and loyal costumer (or even a potential customer) is to bury my with false promises.

I think that I am open minded in many aspects of my golf game. However, there is one golf company that refuse to support. I am not going to name names because that is not what I am about at The Grateful Golfer, but I feel like I am being sucked in by pressure sales every time their advertisement appears in my social media feed. I feel that there is no way that golf technology changes so quickly that new equipment must be released more than every few years. Yes, I realize most (all) companies release something new (or a version of something successful each year), but there has to be a limit to the craziness, doesn’t there?

I realize that I might be espousing “much to do about nothing”, but I feel a tidal wave of nonsensical golf stuff smothering me today. I just replaced my equipment this year and did so by establishing what my end result I wanted to see in my new equipment and then sought out the equipment that fit my needs. It was a pleasurable experience and one that has left me satisfied with my purchase. There is no buyers remorse because I refuse to be drawn into the ‘ground hog day’ process of thinking I missed out on the next best thing!

Thanks for reading today, I hope you have an awesome day full of fun, joy and laughter. If nothing else remember to be grateful!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Annoyed At The Golf Industry

  1. Jim, Kevin nailed it; you’ve been targeted. It’s not just the golf industry that does this. As consumers shopping for anything on the internet, it’s important to try and preserve our privacy. Here’s a site with good information on the best way to protect yourself:
    I don’t think this marketing technique is going to change any time soon. Forget the garbage pitches and enjoy your new irons for years to come!


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  2. You are getting that tidal wave because you did your research before buying and every web tracker in the business knows it. I spent some time looking at shoes one night but got interrupted and ever since, I’ve seen shoe ads everywhere online.

    That tends to upset me too. But until we can get our privacy laws working for us instead of for big business, that’s that way it will continue to be. As someone who works with data from disparate sources, I’m a proponent for much stronger privacy laws. It’s scary knowing what is available to those of us behind the scenes. And I’m just a little guy. The big corporations have access to far more than I do. And while most of us are honest people with too much integrity to use that data unscrupulously, others won’t be. Aren’t.

    So when this subject arises, I always ask everyone to call their reps and insist on better consumer privacy protections.

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