Annoyed At The Golf Industry

Have you ever sat down to read some interesting articles on golf and been bombarded by ‘white noise’ advertisements on anything relating to golf. The challenge facing the golf industry is that they have embraced social media as the medium of choice for advertising. I mean, who can really blame them because that is how the new generation of players communicate. However, as an older established player, I am not swayed by the hollow promises that new technology or a revolutionary ‘swing fix’ will dramatically improve my game. Golf has and always will be a game of incrementalism for improvement and as such, the golf industry has bolted from its roots.

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Is The Golf Industry In Trouble Amid This Current Crisis?

In Canada, like many parts of the world, golf courses are closed. Touted as a possible breeding ground for the COVID-19 disease, government officials at all levels have decided to close these facilities. This decision is a positive step to #flattenthecurve, however the powers to be should not make blanket decisions the will crush the future of the golf industry so they will have a chance to survive at the end of this very difficult journey.

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Changing Golf’s Marketing Strategy

It is time for the golf industry to change their marketing strategy! Their approach of constantly bombarding my social networks, emails, and news feeds is numbing my senses to any possible chance of buying new equipment. It often becomes so overwhelming that I just ignore the white noise and quickly move on to other news articles. Of course, the manufacturers approach is not going to change anytime soon, but I do have a suggestion for the teaching side of the golf industry; by changing a few words in their sales pitch would likely garner more attention to their product. Continue reading

The Cost of Golf Just Doubled!

Yup, you heard me right; the cost of golf just doubled! It is the strangest thing and no matter where you are in the world, this phenomenon happens all the time! It is the strangest thing, you walk into the club house to pay your green fees and you have to dig deeper and deeper to find the correct amount of coin to be allowed on the links. It is absolutely crazy, but no one seems to notice! Continue reading

#GOLFCHAT Articles Worth the Read!

As in previous posts, some #GOLFCHAT authors have put pen to paper and have attacked a difficult topic. This month’s topic:  “Millennials are ______ golf!” I hope you enjoy the different views and thoughts about the golf industry and how the younger generation is or is not living up to their responsibility to grow the game. I hope you enjoy reading their articles and feel free to drop them or me a line! Continue reading