Great Customer Service is What Makes a Great Golf Experience

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Customer Service is critical to a fantastic golfing experience!

Customer service separates just playing golf from a great golfing experience! Most golfers remembers a golf course, but the real treasure is when they remember the golfing experience at a golf course.

You know what I mean. From the moment you drive on to the property until the time you leave, you are treated with respect and a feeling of welcome. Many large resorts bend over backwards to have everything at your fingertips. They have a large operating budget and you also pay for this type of quality service. However, the golfing experience I am referring too follows this same business model, yet on a smaller scale!

The Roundel Glen Golf Course is an excellent example of a small course providing a big time golf experience. The moment you drive up to the club drop off area you meet a smiling attendant who sets the stage of your golfing experience. Brandon Mackinnon has greeted golfers for 3 seasons. Brandon helps everyone with their clubs and cart needs with a smile. He is a student at teachers college and has the skinny on the course for that day. Brandon talks to members and guests in a light-hearted manner and is always up for a chat about golf or the weather.

With the stage set, it is time to walk into the pro shop. It is a very small, but has a relaxed atmosphere and is customer oriented. For over 8 years, Kim Hum, the main pro shop attendant, skillfully manages the comings and goings at Roundel Glen; Kim is famous for taking care of all needs of every golfer. If you need it, Kim can make it happen! He artfully attends to the requirements of the members and guests by making everyone feel welcome.

If Kim is not around, you will encounter Eric Clare or Chris Madonald who also welcome everyone like you are an old friend.

Eric has worked at Roundel Glen for 4 years and is attending Niagara College. He will continue to grow his knowledge of golf by pursuing his education this fall in professional golf management. Eric runs the club’s men’s league and smaller tournaments and from experience, they are always well-organized and great events!

Chris is the newest member of the pro shop team. Chris is always busy; he is a student and volunteer firefighter his spare time away from Roundel Glen. If you want a twilight game, Chris is your man as he is the regular night closer.

No golf course is complete without its teaching professionals. Jay Masters, who I mentioned my last post, is new to Roundel Glen. He was the former general manager at Pine Ridge Golf and Country Club and was a teaching professional at Trillium Wood Golf Club. Jay still plays professionally and is a welcomed addition to the great customer service team at Roundel Glen.

Lisa Fleming is a teaching professional who grows the game by teaching a large number of juniors and women. I have known Lisa for years and her knowledge of golf is extensive. Lisa is a top golfer in her own right, as she has won several national golf titles within the military. Retiring from the military a couple of years ago, she easily transitioned into her new role as teaching pro and Roundel Glen is lucky to have her within their ranks.

The leader of this band of this great customer service team is Mike Clare. During his 3 years at Roundel Glen, great strides were made to create a solid atmosphere of customer service. Mike understands the dedication required to make a golf course a “must play” for golfers. Roundel Glen is definitely on that list; it is a challenging course, affordable, and the atmosphere is worth experiencing.

I want to thank Kim, Eric Chris, Brandon, Jay, Lisa, and Mike for a memorable 3 years. You have created a friendly, inclusive, and fun golfing experience at Roundel Glen. I hope to come back soon and enjoy playing at one of my favorite courses. Thanks for everything.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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