Final Round of Golf At Roundel Glen

Recently, I retired from 32+ years of active full-time service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. My career was exciting and, looking back, went by very quickly. On that note, my wife and I have decided to move to North Bay to be near family and to embark on a new journey. With this in mind, on Wednesday past, I played my last official round as a member at Roundel Glen Golf Course.

After 3 years of great golf, I was invited to play my final round with my friend Mac. With time on my hands, we teed it up in the middle of the morning (because I had time). As we approached the first tee, we were joined by the Club Pro, Jay Masters, and a single named Gord. After shaking hands and quick intros, it was time to play some golf!


Smooth swinging Jay Masters!

After the first hole, it quickly became apparent that our group was well-suited for each other. Our calm and relaxed personalities mesh immediately. We talked about the usual topics: golf, golf and more golf. And just for fun, we would add in some stories about work and family.

As we looped the course, we found very few low points. We looked for a couple of golf balls, but for the most part we were in play. We all made some great shots and overall, we were happy with our games.

It was interesting to watch Jay hit the ball. As a playing pro, his long smooth swing was poetry in motion. He never over swung any club and made the course look easy to play. His short game was solid in all respects (chipped in twice!). I took this opportunity to learn a few things and I look forward to trying out some new moves the next time I am on the course. For me, I really enjoyed just playing golf with Jay. No one asked fo


Sneaky long Gord with the high finish!

r tips or hints and he did not offer any. He was positive and encouraging for the entire round. If you are looking for lessons, Jay would be a perfect teacher – so give him a call at Roundel Glen if you want help improving your game!


Gord was great to play with. He, like myself, is retired. He plays lots of golf and through our conversations we found out we worked on some of the same aircraft in the past. His game was solid and he was sneaky long. He hit most fairways with a his low running draw that set him up for great approach shots. Gord was fun to play golf with and I am glad he decided to join our group!


Mac with the strong shoulder rotation!

Mac and I have been friends for years. He loves golf and is in the process of taking 4 lessons. At 6’5″, Mac can hit the ball a long way when he connects. His lessons have him standing closer to the ball and addressing the ball slightly different; it is interesting watching his methodical pre-shot routine. I would consider him a student of the game. It will not be long before he is giving me strokes on the course.

My final round at Roundel Glen was as much about the people as the golf. The chance meetings of four players who enjoy everyone’s company is what golf is all about. It was easy to enjoy my last round and hopefully I will be back soon to reconnect with my golfing friends. In case you were wondering, I shot 77 from the blues (birdied 2 of the last 5 holes!)

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

15 thoughts on “Final Round of Golf At Roundel Glen

  1. Jim,

    Congrats on your retirement and thank you for your many years of service! Although I’m sure you’re sad to leave that chapter behind, it is no doubt replaced with joy and excitement to see what the next chapter holds. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. All the best!


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  2. Congrats on your service and new adventure. As I am terrible with Canadian geography I don’t know how big a move this is, but I am sure you will enjoy being near family. Let us know how it goes and the new “home” course you decide on.

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  4. Hi Jim, good luck with your move, being near family is important. Wendy and I moved from England to New Zealand for that very reason.
    Strange to hear after the many times we spoken here that I did not know you worked on aircraft. I spent 25 years with the airlines worked on everything from 727 to 747, L1011,DC 10 MD 11 finishing with the A320.


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  5. Jim,
    Thank you for your service. I’m sure the feelings are mixed but sounds like a good move. If you can find a new ‘home’ course I’m confident it will help with the adjustment of moving, but being closer to family will be easiest in that regard. Wishing you health, happiness and birdies!
    Cheers, Mike

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