The Callaway Chrome Soft – First Thoughts


Thanks Golf Canada and Callaway for the great gift.

Thank you Golf Canada and Callaway for the great gift I received in the mail. A sleeve of The Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft Golf Ball with Truvis Technology were a pleasant surprise. At first I was not sure about the Truvis pattern, but I changed my mind when I saw Tom Watson use one during The Masters. On my last round, I used the “soccer ball” pattern (as nicknamed by the guys in my group) and my first impression was excellent.

As a member of Golf Canada I was automatically entered into a draw for two sleeves of Callaway golf balls when I entered 6 rounds into their official handicap system. I never gave it much thought after receiving the pop-up that I was entered in the draw, however when I received the email saying I had won I was pretty excited. Shortly after the emails, the little treasures showed up. 

Truvis pattern is great for putting.

Truvis pattern is great for putting.

The “soccer ball” was true to its name. The claims by Callaway about this ball are true in my game. This low-compression, 4-piece construction ball was a great fit for my entire game. Whether hitting a driver or a wedge, this ball worked extremely well. I was particularly impressed from 150 yards in; I was able to put spin and control on the ball with consistency. I would attribute much of my success to the construction and urethane cover. Overall, the feel of this ball was excellent.

The real highlight of my experience was the red and white Truvis pattern. Callaway suggests it “is specifically designed to maximize your view of the golf ball for better focus and visibility.” From a distance I could not really notice the difference. Around the green was a different story.

When pitching or chipping from 20 yards or closer to the pin, the “soccer ball” pattern was perfect. I could see the amount of spin I was putting on the ball, how it reacted to bouncing off the green, and how the ball released to the pin. Additionally, during my putting stroke, the Truvis pattern showed if I was hitting through the ball, how the ball reacted to the break, and the speed of the ball off my putter. All of this information was extremely valuable for my short game. One of my playing partners was the club pro at Roundel Glen, Jay Masters. He commented many times on how much information he gleaned from each stroke! We both agreed that this ball would add great value to our practice sessions!

20160622_145502My first impression of the Chrome Soft Golf Ball with Truvis Technology was excellent. Initially, it took a few swings to get used to looking at a different patterned golf ball, however very quickly I became confident that I was hitting a quality ball. I will have to try this ball a few more times to determine if I am willing to make the switch, but if my future use and testing is as positive as my first impression, I might be a Callaway convert!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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