Forgetting What I Did Right in My Golf Swing

We all are guilty of a poor swing. It is something that happens from time to time and for some reason many of them could be avoided. Unfortunately, forgetting what I did right on previous strokes is a painful lesson for most amateurs. We understand the concept of a good swing, but for some reason we just don’t do it!

I wish I hand a solution to this quandary, but alas I do not. Sometimes has nothing to do with anything except we just do not perform when swinging a golf club. It is a challenge I face many times in the early part of my golf season. Then as I play and practice more, this challenge seems to subside for the most part.

Wonder what I did right here?

Before each round, I go through what I have to do and the step by step process of swinging a golf club. I visualize making great strokes and maintain a positive mental attitude towards each round. This mental exercise works very well for me, but still from it to time, disaster hits.

Maybe it is because I am an amateur, but I have played golf for a long time so that should not be an issue. Maybe I have a lapse in focus…..possible. Or even perhaps I choose the wrong club and my body knows and tries to compensate. I mean it could be a plethora of reasons and not just one of them alone. The reason for forgetting what to do right with my golf swing is likely not just one thing.

As I hit the links today, I will remain cognizant of what I need to do well to score low. I will focus on the positive aspects of my game and ensure I stay mentally ‘in the moment’ during each shot. I can hope that by doing these things (and others) I will reduce or eliminate a poor shot. One never knows, it just might happen today.

Do you sometimes forget what you did right with your golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Forgetting What I Did Right in My Golf Swing

  1. Jim, if you forget what to do, you are thinking too much. We’ve taken tens of thousands of swings and it’s habit and muscle memory that guide us. I would suggest that when we make a bad swing, either, our habits are inherently flawed, or we try to implement a change (swing key) that goes awry. The key is replacing bad habits with good, but you’ll never eliminate the occasional bad swing.

    Play well today!


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  2. You just spent 6 months off. Pro’s practice every day year round and still make some horrible shots on occasion. Tiger had a couple of doubles on his card Saturday just a month after winning the Masters for instance. So don’t let it worry you. Enjoy your time out on the course and have faith. Let your swing come to you and your game will be back before you know it.

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