Weight Transfer In Your Golf Swing

If you are new to golf or you want to improve your swing, then weight transfer has been on your list of areas to improve. I find that weight transfer poses a challenge from time to time because I forget to properly transfer my weight from my trail foot to my lead foot. Golf is a game played from the ground up and understanding the proper method to transfer our weight is critical to improving all areas of our game. Also, I found a great drill to help improve our weight shift that is simple and repeatable.

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An Update On Keeping The Crease

A few days ago I offered a simple tip by Tom Watson on ‘Keeping the Crease’ through your golf swing. What Watson suggests about keeping a slight hip flex during the backswing and forward to release seems, at least on the surface, to be an easy thing to do. Two days ago, I headed out to my DIY driving net in my garage (because the temperatures are warmer) in attempts to replicate keeping the crease.

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Forgetting What I Did Right in My Golf Swing

We all are guilty of a poor swing. It is something that happens from time to time and for some reason many of them could be avoided. Unfortunately, forgetting what I did right on previous strokes is a painful lesson for most amateurs. We understand the concept of a good swing, but for some reason we just don’t do it!

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