Are You Influenced By Your Playing Partners?

In my earlier years of playing golf, I would often be influenced by my playing partners. If they exhibited a certain excellence, I would change my game to try and match their efforts. Unfortunately, this approach to improving my golf game never worked and I usually ended with a much higher score than expected. I think it is natural for players to want to feed off of each other, but without the required skill or training, changing my swing mid-round never worked. As I matured as a golfer, I learned to play my game and not focus at all on what other players were doing. I became mentally stronger with a propensity to look inward for success.

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Forgetting What I Did Right in My Golf Swing

We all are guilty of a poor swing. It is something that happens from time to time and for some reason many of them could be avoided. Unfortunately, forgetting what I did right on previous strokes is a painful lesson for most amateurs. We understand the concept of a good swing, but for some reason we just don’t do it!

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Change Focus Midstream During Your Round

Many discussions about the importance of focus while playing golf percolate every day on the internet. They outline how to mentally prepare or execute your game to always have a chance to shot your lowest score? But, I am not so confident that this unsolicited advice is really helping my game.

I try to play approximately 80 rounds of golf each season and focus is definitely a challenge during some of the rounds. There are various reasons for my focus challenges, yet it the grand scheme my lapses are minor. Sometimes, it is okay to change your focus during your round; it is a matter of choice. Continue reading