Change Focus Midstream During Your Round

Many discussions about the importance of focus while playing golf percolate every day on the internet. They outline how to mentally prepare or execute your game to always have a chance to shot your lowest score? But, I am not so confident that this unsolicited advice is really helping my game.

I try to play approximately 80 rounds of golf each season and focus is definitely a challenge during some of the rounds. There are various reasons for my focus challenges, yet it the grand scheme my lapses are minor. Sometimes, it is okay to change your focus during your round; it is a matter of choice.

Have you ever started your round with great hopes only to realize that your game is just not there? The time when you shift from competitive to casual happens in a moments notice. We all know that time and we have changed focus.

I believe that the shift in focus is influenced on many factors. It is never just one thing, but a crazy kaleidoscope of influences that lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce. Every player has different reasons for giving up on their competitive round and it would be crazy for me to outline the multitude of reasons; I only know when it happens to me.

When I change from a focused round to a leisurely one it usually happens very quickly. Normally, I am 4 over after 3 holes. I have no feel for my swing and I mentally feel tired for some reason. These are my main factors for ‘giving up’.

Now, when these conditions are in place, I do not always change my focus. It is important to grind out a solid score because during a tournament I never give up. Therefore, I have to practice regaining my focus and working towards the lowest score possible for that day. Sometimes I am successful, others….not so much.

Focus is an important factor for great golf. Unfortunately, some days it is impossible to sustain it. Changing from competitive to a casual round is part of golf and from time to time is required to keep my sanity! Regardless, knowing when to press and when to relax is the real key great golf over the long haul.

When do you lose focus?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Change Focus Midstream During Your Round

  1. Jim,

    Sometimes a bad start in the first few holes actually enhances my focus and wakes me up. Some days, for some weird reason, I think a good round is just going to “happen” without any mental effort and those first few holes are a wake up call. Grinding out a 78 when I’m +6 thru the first 5 holes are some of the most satisfying rounds for me, even more so than the 74 that seems to come easy.

    Having said that there are moments I lose focus, such as when play is extremely slow whether by people ahead or people in my group. Or sometimes if I’m hosting someone at my club and it is their first time there, I am more focused on making sure they have an enjoyable experience than I am on my score.


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  2. Jim, I will lose focus primarily if I get off to a bad start (double or worse on the first hole). Also if something changes the rhythm of the round during play. Like last weekend I was playing as a twosome and joined the twosome following us on the 7th hole to help create some space from the group in front of us. When we joined to create a foursome, the pace of play was altered and I lost focus for a hole or two. The other times I’ll lose focus is if I become uncomfortable due to the weather.



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    • Brian

      I am the same way. It is interesting how quickly focus can be lost. It makes the pros look even more incredible considering the stressors. This is also something I continue to work on and probably always will.



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