Lowest Golf Score Ever!

What is your lowest score ever in golf? What is that one score you continue to talk about as your best round of golf ever? As you recount the round in your head right now, it is likely bringing a smile to you face.

I have several low rounds and these sub-par outings as fresh in my mind as the day I shot them. I have a number (3) of 69s, a half a dozen games shooting 70 or 71, and all are fresh. Do you remember yours?

Recently, many readers responded with their lowest rounds ever. I was surprised to see that the majority of the respondents said they shot in the 70s. This is a very low score considering the overall statistics, but I have even more of a surprise.

The real surprise was the 6 others who took the time to let me know they shot a round in the 60s. Their scores are amazing and sitting over a beverage listening to their tales would be quite fun!

Here is one of my stories from 4 years ago:

I was having the round of my life! As I walked towards the par 5, 18th hole at Laurentide Golf Course (par 71), the realization that an eagle would help me shoot the lowest score of my life…a 68! Positioning ball on the tee box, to avoid the bunker 255 yards out to the right, put my mind in the proper state to execute the required shot. Going through my pre-shot routine, I hit the ball down the left side of the fairway into the first cut, but with a great lie. As I thought about my second shot, I decided the risk – reward is worth pulling my three-wood and going for the green. With a sand trap in the centre of the fairway 25 yards back from the green and a water hazard on the right about 75 yards from the green, the probability of me staying on the elevated green from 240 yards was remote. But, my short game was on fire that day, so I was confident that an up and down birdie was the worst that could happen! I went through my normal pre-shot routine, step of the ball and made solid contact.

The confidence from playing well on that day continued to grow. My ball landed just before trap, took a big bounce and stopped 10 yards short and 6 feet below the elevation of the green. After realizing that my ball was lying in a good spot for my next shot, my thoughts turned to how to navigate the elevated green and sink that chip for my 68. I select my club (56 degree sand wedge) and went through my pre-shot routine. With confidence I hit the ball cleanly, landed it 15 feet from the pin, and watched it roll towards the hole.

As my ball tracked towards the hole, my excitement started to rise. The ball took the proper break and what seemed like an eternity, everything looked awesome. As my ball struck the pin, I heard what I thought was a clap of thunder! My ball hit the pin, bounced back towards the lip of the hole, bounced forward and hit the pin again! I was yelling “GET IN, GET IN!” Well my ball stopped on the lip of the hole. I was disappointed and elated at the same time as I tapped it for a birdie and a low score of the year at 69!

Shooting low scores is an important motivator as I try to achieve many more goals in golf. I find it amazing how hitting a little white ball for miles and miles continues to provide the satisfaction needed to excel in golf. Now, I just need to hit it a few less times to be ecstatic.

What is your lowest golf score ever? We want to hear your story!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “Lowest Golf Score Ever!

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  2. Jim,

    My best is a 70 at my home course. Looking to break 70 in 2017! It was one of those days where it felt easy. I didn’t hit it my best, but I capitalized on the good opportunities and made some timely saves. It didn’t feel like I was playing out of my mind at all, which makes me wonder why it has been difficult to top! Haha


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  3. Morning GG

    As we have anointed my rounds vary between PGA Class and a complete hacker indeed this can be the case from hole to hole.
    Just this year when playing at Caraya in Turkey I was in a 24 player Stableford comp ( Playing off 20 ) when I just could not get my shit together and by the 4th hole had lost my mind completely and having scored just 13 points was thinking about throwing it all in and going to the bar!!..However it was a pairs comp so I was persuaded to stay and battle for points ( he was off 6 and needed me to dovetail where I could as he had a good front 9 scoring 21 points ).
    I stayed , picked my lip up and on Hole 10 I had a 4 pointer!!…I then went on to play with sublime confidence racking up an excellent 24 Points on the back nine as I could do no wrong!!…so coming back with 37 points on the back of a horrible front I had possibly my greatest ever 9 holes, this is standard golf for me..,good , bad, horrendous, PGA, repeat 😉

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  4. Jim, what an adrenalin rush that must have been as you saw your eagle chip tracking! For me, 68 achieved twice on my home course is lowest but not nearly as good as the 69 in the first round of the 1996 club championship. That was the middle round 70-69-70 of the best stretch in my life. The first 70 was a practice round and the second 70 was the last tournament round. Thanks for the pleasant ride down memory lane!


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