Keeping A Streak of Birdies Alive

Hitting to the 12th green over some friends.

My fun on the course increases exponentially depending on the number of birdies I shoot during a round. I expect to shoot at least 1 birdie and on most days 2. But there are those special days where I score more than 2 and my score usually reflects my good fortune.

Over the years, I have had 3 special times where I scored 6 birdies in one round. It seemed that on those days, I could do nothing wrong. Of the 3 special rounds, all were under par (69, 69, 70). Although expect to shoot birdies, even those rounds exceeded my expectations. Additionally over the years, I have shot 3 and 4 birdies in on round many of times. But, only twice have I shot 4 birdies in a row! What a thrill! Continue reading

Chipping In for Winning Golf

How often have you missed your approach shot? I know that when I am shooting between 50 to 60% GIR, then I am having a great day. This means that during each round, I am chipping around the green between 6 and 9 times. Unfortunately, it is these shots that will make or my score; I am sure if you think about it, it affects your as well.  Continue reading

Lowest Golf Score Ever!

What is your lowest score ever in golf? What is that one score you continue to talk about as your best round of golf ever? As you recount the round in your head right now, it is likely bringing a smile to you face.

I have several low rounds and these sub-par outings as fresh in my mind as the day I shot them. I have a number (3) of 69s, a half a dozen games shooting 70 or 71, and all are fresh. Do you remember yours? Continue reading

Deja Vu!

Roundel Glen Logo (1)Yesterday was the final of our inter unit golf league at Roundel Glen Golf Course.  Our team won and we now have the bragging rights on our military base for one year.  The bragging rights are more important than the hardware and it also creates friendly rivalry between units.

The format is very straight forward.  Each team provides two sets of twosome.  Each twosome played a scrabble match-play format.  The final was for 18 holes for each team. Therefore, there was a possible 36 points up for grabs.  The final tally resulted in our team being up 15 points overall.  My twosome was up 5 and our other twosome was up 10. In all fairness, he had a pretty strong team and lady luck was on our side.

So, where does the Deja Vu occur?

Last week, we played the same format (except it was 9 holes).  The second hole is a par 5.  We hit the ball well off the tee box and laid up on our second shot to about 75 yards (see the creek up by the green – it is about a 240 carry after a good drive).  We chipped a bit long and landed just on the back right off the green.  I pulled my 52 degree Vokey wedge, chipped and drained it for birdie and one up.

Roundel Glen Hole 2

Roundel Glen Hole 2

This week, on the same hole, we hit poorly off the tee box.  Hit our second shot to 165 yards from the green.  A smooth 6-iron placed us just a bit long left, behind the trap, off the green in the long grass.  So, I calmly pulled my 60 degree Vokey wedge and flopped the ball on to the green and watched it roll into the cup for birdie and one up.

It is hard to believe that it could happen two weeks in a row!  I believe that this shot mentally demoralize our competitors because we won the next three holes to go four up. Both weeks we seemed to cruise to victory after the chip-in.  Additionally, it gave my playing partner and I confidence that lady luck was on our side!

The best aspect of both weeks was that I met new nice people and enjoyed their company.  The weather as perfect for golf and a great time was had by all.  I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links!

Just One Shot!

If you are going to play golf; play golf!

If you are going to play golf; play golf!

Just one great shot can change a round of golf.  The magical chip-in, 30 foot-putt, exceptional approach or a booming drive can turn a mediocre round into a fantastic round. On Sunday past, I was playing around of golf with the usual crowd.  As I hacked my way around the course, I felt as if this was the worst round of the year….and it had the makings to be!

After a smooth 47 front nine (47 front nine….I still have a hard time saying 47; anyway I digress) I decided to change the way I thought.  I focused on each shot and attempted to follow my new mantra of ‘less is more’.  Swing smooth and watch the ball go.  Well it worked quite well.  After three bogies, I walked up to the 15th tee and hit a flat shot.  Not to worry because it was a par 5.  My second shot was very good and I was 100 yards from the green.  This is one of my favorite distances so I was confident I could get it close. After a ‘less is more’ swing I watched the ball land softly on the green and roll in the cup for an eagle!  Yup, I could not believe it either.

The next three holes I was smooth and back in form.  I finished with 3 pars for a total score of 84.  Normally, I would not be very happy with an 84, but a 37 back was something I was quite happy with.  So, overall, I walked away happy.

The interesting aspect of that game was the last three holes.  After the excitement of an eagle, it was if I was back in the right frame of mind to play golf.  I was focused, read the greens well and displayed strong course management.  Thinking back on the round, I realized that during the first 14 holes I was thinking of everything but golf.

So my lesson of the week is live for the moment!  If I am going to play golf, play golf.  If I am going to concentrate on other things, go do the other things.  Golf is an amazing game, it continues to teach me important life lessons.  I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links.