Chipping In for Winning Golf

How often have you missed your approach shot? I know that when I am shooting between 50 to 60% GIR, then I am having a great day. This means that during each round, I am chipping around the green between 6 and 9 times. Unfortunately, it is these shots that will make or my score; I am sure if you think about it, it affects your as well. 

Of the 400ish chips from within 20 yards of the green I make every year, it is surprisingly how few I ever chip in. I lip out a bit, but most of the time I miss by varying degrees. If I do chip in, it is usually only once per round, but every now and again, I will do it twice. But of all the rounds I have played, I have only chipped in 3 times, once.

I asked a question early in the week about chip-ins and figure two would be the most popular and I was not mistaken.

This special round was about 20 years ago. I was not playing particularly well and therefore had many opportunities to chip. As a result, sunk two chips with my 7 iron from approximately 5 yards from the green, and 1 chip with my PW from about 15 yards. It was quite special and every shot rolled out like a putt. Unfortunately, the result of my chip-ins only resulted in a net score of minus 1. I cannot remember my final score at the end of the day, but I suggest it would likely have been in the 80 range.

Another situation happened in 2013; I chipped in on the same hole from the same spot, one week apart. It was during the playoffs of intersection golf and my partner was thrilled. This was the only time it happen in my career, but it was fun to do. I guess any chip-in is fun, but this situation seemed to accentuate the thrill.

Chipping in does lower your golf score. It is tough to do, but when it happens, it is something special. I practice and practice, but my percentage never really increases. I think that to expect more than the odd success would a bit silly, but on can always hope. Do you chip-in often?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Chipping In for Winning Golf

  1. A few years ago I’ve have felt like I had a bad day if I didn’t chip in at least a couple of times a round. It’s been what seems quite a while since I’ve done that. But then, I’m hitting/holding more greens than before too so it kind of works out. Also, I’ve also been less prone this past year to take the easier chip shot in favor of practicing my lob shots. I needed a lot of work to learn some distance control with that shot and have tended to use it even when the smart play is a bump and run. So I haven’t really given myself all that many chances.

    Another thing I’ve tried to do is putt in instead of chipping in. From areas a pro would always pull his putter, I used to bump and run it to the hole with a closed face wedge. I wanted to learn to do it with my putter too and that seems to have been the easiest to pick up. I used that shot three times today while sitting in the throat maybe 6 or so feet short of green and while none of them fell, all three were close enough they got kicked back to me.

    It was a pretty good day for golf today. The wind was a little strong, but it kept the chance of sweat at bay even though it was 85 degrees F. And it seems that all you Canadians must have gone back home because the rates have dropped all across town. I played my 27 holes today for only 15 bucks. My favorite golfing season has arrived.

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    • Kevin

      You describe the ongoing evolution of the golf game. I try to chip as much as possible, but do practice the higher chip to ensure it is in my bag when needed. It is good to hear you are hitting more greens in reg; always good for the score. As far as Canadians going home and lower rates, that is awesome and you can now play as much as you want!

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I’m a notoriously poor chipper and until last season went a couple years without chipping in. After my short game lesson in March, I’ve been given a rebirth of sorts around the greens and am attacking flags with renewed vigor. Hopefully looking forward to several chips ins this year.



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    • Brian

      I remember your discussions on chipping and how your lesson really helped. I can tell by the enthusiasm of your writing that this year is going to be signifantly better. Being aggressive will also help because it removes the ‘can’ts’ and negative thoughts. I look forward to hearing about your successes! Courses open in a week or so!

      Cheers Jim

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