Keeping A Streak of Birdies Alive

Hitting to the 12th green over some friends.

My fun on the course increases exponentially depending on the number of birdies I shoot during a round. I expect to shoot at least 1 birdie and on most days 2. But there are those special days where I score more than 2 and my score usually reflects my good fortune.

Over the years, I have had 3 special times where I scored 6 birdies in one round. It seemed that on those days, I could do nothing wrong. Of the 3 special rounds, all were under par (69, 69, 70). Although expect to shoot birdies, even those rounds exceeded my expectations. Additionally over the years, I have shot 3 and 4 birdies in on round many of times. But, only twice have I shot 4 birdies in a row! What a thrill!

Putting a string of birdies together is always a good thing. Surprisingly, there were no specific holes when my streak would start or stop. It just seemed that my swing was in perfect sync with the rest of my game. It was really helpful. I can say with certainty, that I never came close to 5 in a row. After the fourth sub-par hole, the 5th seem a bridge too far. It seems, I am not the only player who can string birdies together:

My last string of 4 birdies happened at my home course of Osprey Links. I remember the round because is it was a tale of two nines. In the front nine, I shot 5 bogeys in a row. I was very disappointed and walked off the front with a 41. On days like these, I only hope to get something going on the back. And on this day, I sure did!

I parred the 10th hole par 5 with a lip out for birdie. I was a little disappointed, however that was the nature of my round. Then suddenly, things changed; on the par 3 11th, I stuck my approach shot to 2 feet and an easy birdie. On the 12th hole, I crushed my drive in a tight fairway and after a PW to the green, I sunk an 8 footer for birdie number 2. The 13th hole was a bit of a challenge and to my surprise, I chipped in for birdie. I used a 7-iron from 30 feet away and found the bottom of the cup. The 14th hole was a routine birdie and I was walking on sunshine.

Then, I woke up! The par 3, 15th hole, is my nemesis and after a smooth bogey, I was walking to the 16th tee muttering under my breath. How can I play so well for 5 holes and then hit such a poor tee shot. I was still sitting pretty and my was only 2 over with three holes to play. I was thinking if I played well I could come close to par by the end of my round. As it turned out, I parred the last three holes and walked off with a 2 over 73. After my poor start on the front, I would never have thought that I could rebound so well. I guess that is what 4 birdies in a row will do for my score.

How many birdies have you shot in a row during one round?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Keeping A Streak of Birdies Alive

  1. 3 in a row is the most I’ve managed. I had the same problem with pars in a row too in the past. Learning how to stay in your game is probably the toughest lessons and just thinking about the start of a good run can be just as bad to your game as following one bad swing with another.

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      • I sometimes use phrases like “that was a really boring round” or “boy you play some really boring golf” or “aren’t you bored with hitting all those fairways” to compliment my playing partners when they do really well.

        I can now manage to get a par or better streak to last at least 10 or 11 holes in a row now more than just a couple of times a year. But I’d happily take a ‘boring’ all par round. In fact, ‘boring’ golf is just exactly what I’m striving for. The cool part is that the road there is full of exciting shots. I played Sunday with that tropical storm out in the gulf. I took a chance and hit the jackpot. The course was playable though wet, there were only 3 groups on the course in front of me with one more on the tee and they let me play free. The only downside was the breeze. 25 mph sustained with 35+ mph gusts. So pretty tough conditions and I got myself into trouble a couple of times. I hit one especially spectacular shot to save par during the day from about 160 yards out. I had faded my drive too much in the breeze and got stuck behind some trees. I was too close to go over them so I punched out hard with my 3 iron with the face wide open and sliced it around the trees and right up on to the green. Would have made Mickelson proud. When it’s not boring, I want it like that!!


      • Kevin

        I love reading your stories! They help me see some shots that I might have to make in the future. Not sure I will try the sweeping fade with a 3-iron, but I can see how Phil would appreciate the shot. I hope things dry up soon.



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