How to Keep Score in Golf

I have to admit, I was finding it hard to write about golf for today. I seem to have a mental block or something, but I finally decided on the following topic. How do you keep score when playing golf. It seems like a strange topic, yet I assure you there is a plethora (nice word) of ways to determine your score. They all have their advantages and depending on the day, I will choose from any of them.

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Lowest Golf Score Ever!

What is your lowest score ever in golf? What is that one score you continue to talk about as your best round of golf ever? As you recount the round in your head right now, it is likely bringing a smile to you face.

I have several low rounds and these sub-par outings as fresh in my mind as the day I shot them. I have a number (3) of 69s, a half a dozen games shooting 70 or 71, and all are fresh. Do you remember yours? Continue reading