Opening A Can Of Whoop…..

Golf is gentlemen’s game where strict (usually) adherence to etiquette. We always try our best to score low and close out match play rounds to the best of our abilities. There are times when we are the receiving end of a beat down, but there are a few instances where we are the players leading the pack. I often wonder in golf if there is ever a time where our play is so demoralizing to our opponents that they just throw in the towel early. In other words, we have opened a can of whoop…. and might seem disingenuous.

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Can One Shot Make Or Break Your Golf Score?

The obvious answer to this question is yes. There are many golf scores that were obliterated due to one swing of the golf club. In many, if not all, cases the total amount of damage depends on the situation and where you score is at the time. Yes, a triple bogey (or higher) when your score is hovering around par has a greater impact than if you are already 11 over. So, before jumping the Yes bandwagon, I suggest we dig a little deeper to determine if one shot really makes or breaks our golf score.

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Worrying To Much About The Score

Almost all golfers use their score as a benchmark to how they played on any given round. I am no different and sometimes I get so wrapped up in shooting a low score, this goal gets in the way of playing well. This might sound foolish to some, yet focusing on my score has led me down the wrong path for proper swing thoughts. It is as if I was so concerned about shooting a low score, I neglected to use the processes that lead a great round.

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How to Keep Score in Golf

I have to admit, I was finding it hard to write about golf for today. I seem to have a mental block or something, but I finally decided on the following topic. How do you keep score when playing golf. It seems like a strange topic, yet I assure you there is a plethora (nice word) of ways to determine your score. They all have their advantages and depending on the day, I will choose from any of them.

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Lowest Golf Score Ever!

What is your lowest score ever in golf? What is that one score you continue to talk about as your best round of golf ever? As you recount the round in your head right now, it is likely bringing a smile to you face.

I have several low rounds and these sub-par outings as fresh in my mind as the day I shot them. I have a number (3) of 69s, a half a dozen games shooting 70 or 71, and all are fresh. Do you remember yours? Continue reading