My Top 10 Golf Movies of All Time

I am a movie buff. I enjoy watching all kinds of movies. I do have my favorites and most of those do not follow any particular genre, however, I gain enjoyment from watching them repeatedly. As I was looking for a movie the other night, I came across a couple of golf movies and it started me wondering what were the all-time top 10 golf movies.

I watched many golf movies over the days and enjoyed them all. Each offered something unique to the viewer and, for the most part, did not disappoint. I realize this is a personal choice and after some research, these are the movies I have decided make my top 10 list.

As I started to research golf movies, I suddenly realized that I have only watched a small percentage of golf movies ever made. I thought I was on top of my game for movie watching, but I realize I am still in the minors. So here are the golf movies I enjoyed watching:

Well I have to say I only have a top 8. I am sorry to disappoint, but these are the only real golf movies I have watched over the years. I will say that most of those have made the top 10 in most lists. So, gratefully, I have some movie watching to do.

If you have any movies to recommend, please add them to my list of “must see” and I will do my best to watch them and provide some sort of feedback. So, drop me a line!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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